Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The most important part...

I forgot the most important part of our Valentines Day. (Probably because this is our first year to do it.)

I had the girls decorate a shoe box. Lovely, indeed. I could take a picture of it,'s just so nice that I didn't want anyone else to feel bad because their children aren't as good at art as mine are. I mean I have drips of glue running down the side of our box...I just don't want to embarrass you.

I told everyone to make V-Day cards to put in the box.

BUT the most important part is to write love notes to other people in the family, anonymously.

It will be so fun to read our love letters while we eat our meal. I especially can't wait to read Jeff's to me. Boy, I sure hope he makes it G because, well, you know how desirable I am.

I also buy them each a gift, except Jeff...weird, I never buy him a gift. But he ALWAYS gets his girls a gift. I wonder if Asa will get one?

Last year I bought cute pink Tshirts with hearts. I liked that so much that this year I did it again. The three younger girls all match. Am I the only one who loves to dress her daughters up in matching clothes? Do you think that eventually they will ask me to stop?

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Kelly said...

I like to dress all my boys alike. It's getting harder now that I'm shopping out of 3 different size depts.