Friday, January 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop

I follow a really funny blog. Every week she posts a writers challenge. So far I haven't had time to do one, but I have time right now, so I'm doing it. Go here to read more about it and join in. And please take a moment to leave a comment so I can read what you wrote. Thanks!

The Prompts:
1.) Tell us about a stray animal you took in.
2.) Write a poem for your favorite teacher of all time.
3.) Describe someone in your life you wish you saw more of.
4.) Write a letter to someone who bothered you this week.

OH, How Pretty (and Smart and Kind) You Are

Your beauty surpasses understanding
And your knowledge is unseen
Your eyes shine love and kindness
Not to mention a fair shade of green.

No one can understand why you are so bright
No one can grasp the depths of your wisdom
You are forever learning and growing
Where does it come from?

Not only are you exquisite to the eye
And astute beyond compare
But your goodness glitters before the world
And your patience is rare.

Though none can come compare
With all that you are and all that you do
I want you to know, I'm just a humble young girl
And I'm just like you.

To Michelle (me)
From Michelle (me)

Humble, aren't I? This is just a joke, I hope everyone knows I was just kidding. But it said to a teacher and I AM my favorite teacher.

If Only You Would Come

I remember the days when you used to spend all day, every minute, with me. How I loved those days. We'd laugh and talk. Maybe eat together, back when you used to eat. We'd watch a movie or go shopping or just sit and read, back when you used to read.

Now I never see you and how I miss our time. I know you live far away now. I understand it's hard to come down. I get that you have your Ipod for friendship now and that the texts never stop coming. I perceive that your friends have replaced our comradeship. I acknowledge I don't always listen well or relish your jokes. But I do so miss you.

Some day I know you'll have to come down. You'll need to go to the bathroom. Or actually eat. (What are you living on up there?) And I'll be here for you. Really be here. I'll laugh at all your jokes. I'll listen intently as you tell me how you straightened your hair or spent three hours texting your friends. I'll be able to grasp the knowledge you have of applications for facebook. I'll endear you to me.

Just give me another chance. I'm here for you. Right here, downstairs.


Yara said...

: )

Jeff Johnson said...

I'm hot for teacher.

Mama Kat said...

Is the second one written to you too?? Do you miss spending time with your wonderful self??

Just kidding.

I love these!!

Michelle said...


Thanks Mama Kat! Yes I miss me...I've gone to find me.