Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well Hello World

WHEW! The cord on my laptop got broken. Sounds insane right? I mean, HOW do you break a cord? Well I'll tell has something to do with Asa and dropping my computer on the floor where it landed sideways and broke the little thingy that sticks into my computer. It's not the only time either. You know the little pluggy in thingy that goes with your wireless mouse? I've gone through about five of those because Asa drops my computer or pulls it out. They break easily I guess. The power cord took a lot of abuse before disintegration. I don't like my new one.

Speaking of not liking something. I don't like winter. I promise not to complain about the heat this summer if I can complain right now about winter. It's cold! And we keep the heat down low to saving on heating costs. But right now it's like spring. Even the bees are fooled, cause one came into the house.

Speaking of bees. Do you like raw honey? It's good for you. My friend used to sell me quarts of raw honey but she moved away and now I don't have a fresh, raw honey source.

Speaking of sources. It sounds kind of like sore and I am. I did a Pilates video two days ago and my core (which also sounds a little like source) is still sore.

Speaking of being sore. Are you? Cause if you are I'll know you've been working out.

Have you been? How is your exercise plan/dieting plan/getting healthier plan going?

I'm doing great. I lost almost 1 1/2 lbs this week. I didn't have the best eating week but I did get up and move. And this week that's my mantra:


I'm going to move every chance I get. Join me in this? Every time you feel like telling a child (or your husband) to do something for you, or just wait until later to do it, tell yourself MOVE and then get up and do it. I'm drawing on the Holy Spirit for this one.

Things that went well:


Drinking water

Eating fruit

Things that didn't go as planned:

Eating out too many times

Having too many sodas

Going over points too many times

Tell me all about your week.


Yara said...

I was getting ready to call you & make sure you were okay!
No moving more me... I need to stop, sit, rest.
I am not healing well enough.

Kelly said...

Your things that went well this week are the same as mine! And yes I am sore...means it's working right?

Michelle said...

Yara, I've been reading your updates. I'm so sorry to hear you arent doing well. But I'm glad you are trying for an easier charter school. Just rest!

YEA Kelly. GOOD WORK! Yes, sore means hard work.