Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Capsule

Thanks to The Finer Things for this truly fun suggestion.

When I read her blog post I immediately called the family and asked if everyone was game and if it would be okay to bury it at Mimi's, a central location and the person most likely to still be living in their house in five years. She agreed.

We dug up our time capsule from two years ago and I decided it wasn't fun enough. So I did more this time.

I got the video camera out. (Everyone put a trinket or 12 in the time capsule. My little 5 year old niece didnt quite understand the concept and wanted to dig it up that day...she contributed quite a lot to it.)

I interviewed each child alone, and I told them to keep it a secret...who is going to remember in five years anyway???? My 4 children were interviewed along with three cousins; 9, 8, 5.

These were the questions they were asked and some of the answers. Try to forget what you read.

Predict what you will be doing in five years. listening to music, driving

What do you think will be different about the world? big TV's

How tall will you be? 5' 6", as tall as you (that would be this case Aunt Michelle)

How much will you weigh? 60 lbs...up from the 45 she currently is

How old do you think you'll be when you:

get married? I got mostly 18 for this question

have a child? 20 was pretty common, except for one teenager, who will remain nameless, who swears she is never having a child

how many will you have? my favorite answer was 10, but we did get some 5's

finish school? 16 but most everyone else said 18

what school will you go to? I knew the OSU's would win on this...we have two OSU alumni and no OU grads, but the kids know who their parents root for and said they would go to school there. But I also had an OBU, and their parents went there.

own a car? everyone said 16

get to stay up as late as you want to? This question got a variety of answers, but my favorite was a very mature answer. She said that staying up late is not an age, but a maturity...and she plans to be mature enough this year.

get a job? 16

move out on your own? 33; a lot of the children think they are living at home for a really long time. Not one child said they were moving out before 20, except the one who goes to college in the fall.

I concluded each child's interview by telling them to leave a message for someone in our family to watch in five years. This was by far the sweetest part of the video. I can't give away what was said, but I will tell a few of the people who will be getting messages.

My 8 year old nephew left a message for his uncle Jeff. (Could that be any sweeter?)
My 9 year old niece left a message for her mommy.
Millicent left a message for my 8 year old nephew. (AH!)
And one grandchild hoped her Mimi would still be alive when we watched it in five years. I'm still laughing about that one. (Well you twisted my arm.)


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest idea ever! I bet when you dig it up it'll be so suprising to visit those old memories.

Visiting from SITS. Stay warm!

Jeff Johnson said...

That's hilarious...married at 18, but still living with parents in their 20's. I don't think so. If a husband can't provide for them well enough that they can move out on their own...well...someone might be withholding his blessing on that one.

Michelle said...

HA. LOL. Yea, GET OUT, huh?

Thanks for visiting, hello.