Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday


Do you title your page? I didn't use to but now I always do. They bring a page together and it lets the viewer know exactly what the page is about without reading the journaling (which you of course do).

Another fun thing about titles is that you can use all kinds of fonts and stickers and colors and just a variety of things.

Also, you can make the titles really cute and witty.

One of my favorite pages is one of Asa rolling over titled: Rolled Over. It kind of sounds like bowled over, which is a common expression for surprise. And I was so surprised when Asa rolled over that day.

I've done one of Ashlea called A Daughter Needs a Dad and put a poem I found online with a picture of her and Jeff.

When Ashlea got her first highlights I titled it Let the Sun Shine In.

I've done one with Kati's name as the title where each word of her name led into another word.

So anyway, that is just a few examples off the top of my head. My point is that you can really have fun with titles. Sometimes mine are bland and obvious but I try to be cute with them. has a list of titles if you need creative ideas.

How did the challenge go last week? Come back and let me know.


Linnao said...

I usually give titles and while writing this I realise that today, I didn't give my LO a title! But I usually do, not always easy to find one!

Lorrie said...

yes, 99% of the time I do. Although I only scrap 2 pagers, so only one of them usually has a title, or it's stretched over both pages.
I also always title my blog posts. lol. At first I wasn't sure which you were talking about, blog post or lo's. ha!

Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for visiting me on my SITS was so great to get so much bloggy love, it was almost overwhelming! Sorry it took so long to respond back!

I love scrapbooking...and always try to come up with some catchy title!

Michelle said...

Lorrie, yes, I could have been talking about my blog, but I'm not creative enough to have done that...LOL.

I do like creative titles for my blog too though.

Thanks for visiting ladies!