Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday

I had stopped posting these for a while because of Christmas, and frankly because I didn't think anyone was reading them. But I received a request to reinstate them and so I will. I would Love, LOVE, LoVe, love for you to complete this page, any time in the next week, post your layout on your blog and come back here to link back. OR email me your layout and I will post it for you next week. Either way is fine. Just let us see your creations, so we can get motivated too.

Your car: If you drive, what kind of car do you have? What are its stats (mileage, price)? When did you get it? What's inside it? Is it clean and neat and orderly; messy and full of trash? What radio station do you have on; CD's; DVD's (well in this day and age that is applicable)? How is your car like you? Does your car have a name? Tell the story of how/when/where you got it and why.

My writing says: I bought Mitzi in April 2003, after a car accident. I was leaving school to do a work assignment and had skipped aerobics class to do so (suits me for not exercising). It was drizzling rain and the roads were slick. A truck made a left hand turn in front of me and I slammed into his side. It was his fault for making the illegal turn, but that wasn't much comfort. A nice lady who witnessed the accident invited me over to her house to use the phone and wait. I called Ben, the first person I could think of, and he called Shelia, who picked me up.

Immediately, my small group came to my rescue. They offered me their vehicles, their time and their sympathy. I was awed. Sandy loaned me her van so I didn't have to miss much school, but I was in severe pain those first few days.

The insurance agency gave me a really nice loaner car, but I wasn't able to buy another car before it had to be turned back in.

Meanwhile, I was still in pain and started receiving treatment for whiplash, shoulder and arm pain.

Ron took me car shopping. I had a budget set and I didn't want to go over it. At each dealership we told them what I as looking for (small car, good gas mileage, and cruise control) and my budget: $3500. As soon as I saw Mitzi I wanted her. They wanted too much...why bother showing her to me if it was out of my budget!!! So we left. Obviously we came back. We talked then into dropping the price to $3900 and I bought her.

114, 537 miles (bought); 147, 220 (now)

no cruise control!

KLove radio

Christian music CD's on visor

Trash in floor board (actually clean right now) 9-22-04

Junk everywhere

Seldom washed


Julie Sturgeon said...

Hi, nice to see you again.

Ironically, one of the pages in my hopper to do is a spread of where my husband's Trail Blazer and my Miata were when we hit 100,000 miles on the odometers last year. His was in the middle of an interstate. Mine was in front of a Taco Bell. The other big difference: His vehicle is five years old. Mine is 12!

rebel said...

Well, my husband is a car dealer so I get a new vehicle about every 6 to 12 months. Kinda fun, I get to have a new to me car frequently, kinda bad, like when he sold my Sebring convertible! I was mad about that one. Right now I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I love it. Fully loaded with indash GPS. Which I love because we road trip a lot. The only bad thing about havin' one this nice is it's hard to step down. I keep it pretty clean because it could be sold out from under me at any moment.
Thanks for stoppin' by my blog. I've enjoyed visitin' yours and I like this car post.

Michelle said...

JULIE, HI! How are you????

You SHOULD do a page about it. Be sure to let me see it when you are done. That will be a funny one.

Rebel, nice ride! Your page would be very interesting. It could be all about which ones you've like the most and the least. Do it!