Monday, December 15, 2008

Money Saving Monday

While I sat this morning trying to think of a way I saved money at Christmas, only one thought occurred to me. But I figured it's something that everyone already does. So, if you do, please let me know what kinds of things...and if you don't, let me know if you think you will start.

Shopping after Christmas sales.

You do this right?

The day (or two) after Christmas, I make a trip to Walmart (although I'm sure other stores have equally good deals). I buy all my wrapping paper for the next year, coordinated for each child, of course. I buy new ornaments. Any stockings for children I may have added that year (am I the only one who seems to add a child every year or so?) I always get decorative boxes for our baking day edibles to be given in. Table linens, dishes, marked down toys. Whatever I think I will use the next year, that I like.

I REALLY want to get some village pieces. That's what I'm hunting this year.

You do this right? I'm preaching to the choir?


Marcy said...

I have done some of that before, not buying everything I need for the next year, but at least some things. This year I want to hit our local Kroger store right after Christmas. They have some of the Aroma Naturals Christmas candles, so I would love to grab that for 50% off! I am burning the Peace one right now and I just love it! It is nice to know I am burning a soy candle that is scented with essential oils. Nothing toxic.

Diana said...

I INTEND to do this every year... does that count? You know what they say about intentions right? They don't save you any money.
My hubby is known for his yard decorating skills and some of his favorite pieces are wearing out, that would be my item to find this year, I've always wanted a huge Nativity to put in the frony yard but never found one I liked. Maybe this year.

Michelle said...

That is AWESOME should get some of those for you secret gift for next year.

Diana, I would love a nativity for our yard too!

the*4*of*us said...

I have never done this, but I hope to this year!