Monday, December 8, 2008

Money Saving Monday-Gift Closet

An actual closet for keeping gifts?

A gift closet doesn't have to actually be in a closet. It can be under the bed, in a box, or in the bathroom. Just somewhere to keep your purchases throughout the year.

Then what is a gift closet?

A place to store gifts you have purchased for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and births.

How would that save me money?

It saves you money because you buy things throughout the year when they are on sale or onclearance, instead of paying full price for something when it's needed.

How do I go about starting a gift closet?

Shop the clearance aisles. Every time you see something that someone you know could enjoy, you buy it and put it in your gift closet. It's good to keep a list of what you have. Whenever the kids have a birthday party to go to, you've spent a few dollars on a gift in your gift closet and can save money.

If you know someone is pregnant and you will need to buy them a gift, start looking for marked down baby items. Buy it and store it for later.

If you see towels clearanced off and you know someone is getting married, buy them.

Anything that is a good deal for kids should be bought. You know your kids will have birthdays to attend, plus your own kids could use the gifts. Be more careful when buying other kinds of gifts because you want to make sure it's something you would give to someone and not just waste money on.

If you are a CVS or Walgreen's shopper you can store those purchases for your gift closet too.

Here is an example of some stuff that I've bought at Walgreen's and saved:

air freshener can
Glade plug ins
Glade candles

That makes a nice gift for someone. I've stored it in my gift closet all summer and now someone on my list is getting it.

Be creative and look for bargains. USE the gifts you store! Don't hoard them.

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