Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Morning Tradition

We have a tradition for opening presents on Christmas morning...did you doubt we'd do it any other way?

After we open all the stockings, which usually takes some time, we open presents.

First we draw numbers. The person who draws the star gets to go first.

They decide if they want to open a present or give one.

They select the present from under the tree, any present, and give it to the person it belongs to, or opens one of their own.

Next that person tries to guess what it is and opens it.

Then the get to pick the next recipient and gift.

And so we go till all the presents are open.

When we first started this tradition, Kati would open almost all her presents. She wouldn't bring one to anyone. But she has learned. And that first year was sure funny.

So between stockings and opening presents, we fill the day.

Do you have any fun traditions for opening presents?


Michelle said...

That's a great tradition! We don't have any like that yet, since mine are still too young, but I hope we do in the future. I might even steal your idea! Muah ha haa!!

sandy said...

That sounds like fun! We don't have any traditions for opening gifts. It's usually just mass chaos!

I stopped by from SITS:)

eally said...

What a great tradition! Makes it last longer. I always hated it when our kids tore through their presents so fast and it was over with in seconds it seemed. As they got older (teens)and had fewer presents we made them slow down and watch each other open their presents. LOL