Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organized Christmas

Set up a Mail and Wrap Center

I really want to do this but can't figure out where. I could clear off my scrap desk, which is in my room, but then I can't scrapbook. But then I think to myself, well I never scrapbook anyway. But then I think I might get a chance if Jeff is playing with the kids. And then I think (sorry to bore you) if I have wrapping stuff set up then I can wrap instead of scrap.

So...I've almost talked myself into it. BUT man, no more scrapping? But I'm not scrapping anyway. OH boy, here we go again.

If I could find another place, I wouldn't have to keep having this discussion with myself.

I could gather everything up and place it under the bed, but then I have to drag it out.

I could use the desk in the school room but then I have to banish everyone to their rooms to wrap. And I run the risk of kids getting it.

So what to do, what to do?

My goal is to have everything wrapped ahead of time, instead of waiting till the last minute. I feel like now is a little too early. But when I go shopping on Black Friday, I need to know what I have left to buy and I'll need to drag everything out to do so. Which means I might as well wrap it.

So, I'm still back where I started.


Yara said...

oh what a dilemma
clear off all the scrapbooking things
start wrapping what you have (dont forget to make a list so you dont forget)
finish shopping black friday
finish wrapping that weekend
you will be a month ahead of the game, and instead of trying to squeeze in wrapping at the last minute, you can give yourself the gift of SCRAPBOOKING at the end of the year
will that work for you?
just a few weeks with no scrapping at all, not so bad.

Brandi said...

I haven't even thought about Christmas yet...see how organized I am? LOL

As for your question about the second sidebar: I chose a template from that already had 3 columns. I know there is a way to add a third column using html, but I am sooo "technologically-challenged" that I don't have a clue about all of that! The templates from that site are free to use. But a warning...if you decide to use one, it will mess up all of your current sidebar widgets, so be prepared to spend some time fixing them.

So sorry I can't be more helpful...but that's how I did it.

BTW, your children are beautiful! You are truly blessed!


Michelle said...

Thanks Yara...that is what I will do.