Monday, November 10, 2008


Renegotiate Gift Exchanges

Last Christmas I sent a letter to all of my family members letting them know that our family was getting too big for individual gifts. I asked that we just receive one family gift. But if they still wanted to get each child a gift then please make sure it was a useful gift, like something educational, a game we could play, a classic TV show.

I felt better knowing my family wasn't going to be spending so much money on my kids and us. I mean, we've decided to have this big family and no one in our family has this many kids, and we plan to have more, if it's God's will.

Last year it worked and I felt a lot better.

Now this year I'm wondering how I AM going to buy everyone gifts. I would love to do some kind of modified gift exchange. I think I may the only one who would want to draw names. So I'll just make do with things I've bought through the year and whatever homemade stuff I can manage.

What about you?

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