Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Advent II

We have three things the girls get to do each day of Advent.

First, we write everyones name on a card, so we can rotate the cards each day and not forget who did what the day before. On the opposing card we have: light the candle, draw card, unwrap present.

We have five Advent candles in a wreath. Each Sunday you light one more candle. So you start with one candle lit, then the next Sunday you have two candles lit, then three, and so on. Each morning before Bible study someone lights the candles.

We read from a Bible study on Advent. The verses usually start in the Old Testament prophesying the way to Jesus and end in the New Testament when Jesus was born. When we finish the Bible study whoever lit the candle extinguishes it. (Millicent needs help of course. But they all love the candle.)

We have the box. I explained about the Advent box yesterday. Our goal is to do each activity that day. So the next person draws our activity for that day.

That's it for the morning.

In the evening when Jeff is home we do another Bible study. The candle lighter lights the candles again and will put them out when we finish. We read first from Jotham's Journey, a really exciting story about a young boy in a lot of trouble. Each day is a cliffhanger. Then we do our Bible study.

The last thing we do is unwrap a present. I have 25 (however many days there are in Advent) presents wrapped in a box. They are Christmas books and movies. If we have a day when we will be home for about two hours I let them pick a movie and we watch it. Otherwise we read a book.

The girls may then walk to their rooms with lit candles and blow them out when they get there.

How do you do Advent?

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