Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please Take My Poll

I'm feeling like I may be doing too many posts, so please take the poll (on the right side bar) and let me know your opinion.


Jo said...

Hi Michelle!

Too many posts??? Is that possible? Are there blog police running around counting posts??? Post all you want! It's YOUR blog! And it is great fun to read.

Your haircut is so cute! YOU are so cute! I love seeing the pics of you guys.


Jo said...

Me again - the pic on my last comment (and this one...)is my mom, Jo. Our blogs are linked and I don't care about the profile part, so she's on it! Didn't want to confuse you....


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're posting too much either : ) I enjoy reading your blog so keep posting!

So. MD

Michelle said...

Hey, Patricia. YES it confused me. LOL. I'm okay now though.

Yes, thanks for the reminder. It's my blog. Ashlea said I was posting too much. LOL.