Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homeland Deals

WOW. Some great deals at Homeland this week. My coupons arent organized so I can't promise I have the right deals lined up with the right coupons, but my memory is pretty good. So please tell me if I miss some or if some are wrong.

Kashi is on sale 2/$5 STOCK UP ....print coupons here
(my Homeland won't accept printed coupons unless it's from their website...booooooo!!!!!)

Bagel fuls 2/$4...not sure how much the coupons are, but remember they double

Progresso soup 2/$3 YES! I've been wanting this cause it's WW friendly...should have a 1.10 off

Hiland butter, whipping cream and half and half...should have coupons

Keebler Graham crusts .99...should have coupons but best price even if you dont (they have lots of baking supplies on sale, stock up now)


Christy said...

wow that stinks homeland does not take printed coupons!! btw i gave you an award on my blog check it out ;)

Michelle said...

Thanks Christy!