Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Friday


Since I missed Love and Respect I can't post on that today...but we'll get back to it next week. Today I'm going to post some vacation photos and talk about the highlights.

When we arrived, every single person in our family (who could walk and talk) went running through our condo screaming...well I guess Jeff wasn't exactly screaming, but he was just as excited as the rest of us. It was amazing. I guess we all had our expectations rather low, because we were just thrilled. Here is the view from of our balcony.

The girls all had their own bed, with Ashlea having a wall bed, which she wants Jeff to build for her in her room. We had a king size bed, 2 jacuzzi tubs, a full kitchen and huge living room with cable TV. (We watched a lot of TV in the evenings!)

We spent two days in Silver Dollar City riding rides. The price was right and we couldn't go to Branson without having done that. There were NO lines on Wednesday and not much more on Thursday. We could see on Friday that we were really glad that we went before then. The line was 3 miles long to get in the park. We loved the rides. Everyone except Millicent and Kati that is. They weren't quite so willing to ride scary rides. Here Kori, Ashlea and me are riding a seriously fun ride in the kiddie area.

We went to only one show, The Shanghai Circus. The girls loved it. (Jeff came home and tried it out but somehow that picture seems to be missing...hmmmm....)

We enjoyed going to Branson Landing almost every day and usually ate down there. We also bought souvenirs there. Here are most of us in front of the fountains. The fountain show was really neat.

I think the funniest things were uttered by Millicent. (Of course she is ours and we WOULD think she's funny.) Everyone got to pick a restaurant that they wanted to eat at. Kori and Kati wanted IHOP (go figure). Ashlea wanted Joe's Crab Shack. I picked Waxy O' Shea's, an Irish restaurant, which was probably the best place we ate. Millicent just wanted McDonald's all week. (We were not having it on our vcation.) On our drive home we had to stop for lunch and guess where we stopped? She started clapping and saying, "YEA McDONALD'S!" She was so excited!

The other thing we thought quite funny was Elvis. We drove past a show that had impersonators on the marquee and while we were making fun of them (uh-hm), Millicent started calling everyone Elvis Presley. Well the story doesn't end there. She called everyone Elvis all week.

Then Sunday Millicent told us her whole name, which we didn't know she even knew. So a little while later we were at church. I asked her what her name was, she said Noah (there was a toy of Noah's in the nursery with us). I asked her what Asa's name was and she said Sammy. I asked about Daddy, Noah. Then I asked what my name was....Elvis Presley.

Anyway, we all had a ball and it was nice to get away.

Here are Ashlea and Asa in the rain at Silver Dollar City. For some reason Asa LOVED the rain.


Jill said...

The picture of Asa and Ashlea in the rain is sooooo cute!!!

Adeline said...

it rained when we were at silver dollar city also!! maybe we were there at the same time haha