Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday


Have you ever been at your Grandma's looking through her albums? About every minute or two you have to ask, who is that, who is this, is this mom? (Well that's what I have to do.) We don't want that for our posterity. We want them to have the who and when and what.

So journal for the generations yet to come. You wont always be around and your children won't always remember. Write it down.

But take it a step further. Yes, we need the who and what. But make the page fun by telling a silly story. Make it sweet with a sappy story. Make someone smile with a silly anecdote. Make someone cry by telling the whole sorted thing.

Journaling is also cathartic. If you have something you are dealing with, like hospital stays, or misbehaved children, you can journal a page about it and it helps you. And future generations, but especially your children can experience your feelings with you.

I feel strongly about journaling. It makes me sad to see scrapbooks with just the pictures, because the whole story isn't being told. There is so much more to a picture. There is a story to be told.

Tell it.

Today's All About Me challenge: Your car (have I done this one? I'm too lazy to look it up.)
What kind of a car do you have right now? Take a picture of it, with you in the drivers seat, or on the hood or standing beside it, or hey giving it a kiss. When did you get it? How many miles does it have? Do you name your cars? What is your favorite feature of this car? What do you not like about it? Any funny stories?

I'll post mine later...if I get to scrapbook today.


Noelia said...

Yes I agree that journaling is such an important part of scrapbooks. I have to remind myself that I want the story to be told and remember.

Adeline said...

Next time you visit we'll have to hook you up with some photos. Last time the Steibs came down (Aunt Pansy's daughter and grandkids) we got out this huge box of photos and slides that was Aunt Noni's and we've been going through it. Lots of really fun stuff!! My mom has a machine that can turn slides into digital pics on the comp so we are trying to convert some of them. Slow going though

Michelle said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that. PLEASE DO!!!!