Thursday, September 25, 2008

Party at my House

If you read Jeff's blog then you know we recently had a talent show party. It was quite fun. Most everyone had some kind of talent. And those that didn't, applauded really loudly. Before that (on Ashlea's birthday) we had a Guitar Hero party. It was a BLAST. Everyone came dressed up.

I love parties, and get-to-gathers, and Sunday fellowship. We try to invite someone over on Sundays, but since we've been working on the house, we haven't in a while. BUT that doesn't stop me from having parties.

Our next party is the Octoberfest party. Years ago we decided that Halloween was a holiday that we didn't want to participate in. We knew the kids would be disappointed because they had celebrated in the past. (Be happy to discuss our reasons with anyone who wonders how we came to our decision.) So we came up with this party. It's still a dress up party, but with a theme. There is still lots of candy, but it's candy we bought. There are lots of games and activities, ending with a wienie roast, s'mores and hide and seek in the dark.

Our theme this year is food. So everyone has to dress like food. We'll play games relating to food...maybe even have a food fight, if I can figure out how to do that neatly.

In February or March I want to have a karaoke party. Anyone ever have one? Have any suggestions for me? I guess I need to spend the next little bit buying CD's, otherwise there won't be a party.

Have any good parties lately?

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Momala said...

What great ideas for parties! We had a potluck recently with our small group from church and it ended up with all the guys in the basement playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. They were hilarious and we had the best time!

Hey, I wrote a post at my blog answering your question about WEYW night at our house. Thanks for commenting!