Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is us asleep on the couch 3-4-08

In case you are one of the really weird people left in the world who have never heard this phrase, a brief overview. Co-sleeping is a term that encompasses all aspects of children sleeping with their parents. Some families have only their babies in their beds, while others have all their children through the teen years. Some parents share their entire bed, while others have a sleeping car arrangement (a crib with the side removed, pushed up against the bed) or beds on the floor for the children. Whatever the arrangement it all falls under this term. I'm not going to get into the benefits of co-sleeping, or how long its been around (a LONG, LONG time). No, I'm just going to describe the joy it brings me.

Let me preface by explaining our arrangement. Millicent is in a crib with the rail removed (sidecar) beside our bed, and Asa sleeps between Jeff and I.

Every morning around 7:00 AM, one of my two (co-sleeping) babies wakes me up. If it's Millicent, she usually starts my day with her eyes half open talking about food---mommy's milk, breakfast, or her own milk. Then she usually looks over to see if Asa is up yet. She always says, "Hi Buddy" in the sweetest, most loving voice. Usually she will start "playing" with him. Very soon after she is ready to get the girls up and she doesn't want me to do it.

If Asa gets up first, he wakes me up by playing with my face. As soon as my eyes crack even the tiniest bit he smiles the biggest, happiest smile I've ever seen (yes, every morning, the biggest and happiest). And he keeps smiling until I get out of bed and leave him there by himself (for 2 seconds while I get dressed or go potty and he cries the whole time!!!!).

Now sometimes if Asa is still asleep when Mill gets up she will read quietly beside me and let me sleep some more. I KNOW, isn't that the sweetest???? But as soon as Asa's eyes pop open, she's on us.

I love mornings because of them. They make me want to open my eyes to see their smiling faces. They make getting up fun.

It's not just mornings though. I love having them snuggled up to me in the night. I like knowing they are safe beside me. I want to know they are comfortable and warm and content. I'm glad they don't have to cry when it's bedtime because they know mom is right there helping them to go to sleep. If they wake up in the night they search around for me, feeling content and sleepy once again as soon as they bump into me. I want them right there.

Now I cant have a post about co-sleeping with giving Jeff kudos. If it weren't for a husband who likes (??? well, doesn't mind) co-sleeping, I wouldn't get much sleep. Seriously, I would be checking on my kids all night long and getting up when they cried. I'm so grateful. Thank you Jeff. You are the best!Asa and Millicent sleeping together 5-5-8


Christy said...

thats great you are co sleeping with them in the bed now i remember before you never did or could?? we still have cody and kk in the bed with us but when baby Caleb gets here Cody's going in kyles room hes got a bed already but hes still not quite ready to go yet ;)

Michelle said...

Oh yea, we always have. Jeff wanted me to move Millicent before Asa came, but changed his mind.

Hannah said...

Love the post, and love co-sleeping! When my kids were babies, I just loved being the first face they saw when they opened their sweet eyes, and receiving that smile of pure joy.
Happy Saturday Sharefest!