Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birthdays in our House

I want to talk more about birthdays at our house.

As I mentioned, we prefer that birthdays (and you'll see the same of Christmas) be about traditions and less about presents. I LOVE traditions. If you want to help me add traditions to our celebrations, please do.

Since yesterday was Kori's birthday I'll use her as my example.

First, Kori got to have all day off school and ANY chores. I always ask who would like to do her chores. Yesterday Kati willingly offered (but hoped she would have the day off, no). Kati did a really thorough job of Kori's chores, and she enjoyed doing it for Kori. (Not her own chores though. Go figure.)

Then we discussed her lunch options. She had four restaurants that she was interested in eating at. Over the course of the last several weeks she had picked each one in turn, several times. Last we heard we were going to the China Buffet, but alas, we ended up with Golden Corral.  (AKA Diarrhea Corral.  Too much information there?)  We met dad for lunch and just the three (four if you count Asa) of us had lunch together. The birthday child can pick anywhere they want for lunch in town, and dad meets us there.

Then we went to Walmart to take pictures. I shutter (get it? shutter?) at the thought but the van wouldn't cooperate for a longer drive.  Since Asa is a new addition (and we are still getting his pictures done every month) Kori had her pictures done with him and by herself. Of course, the younger ones always like the most gaudy backgrounds they can find. Kori's was a bookshelf. So they gave her a baby book to "read". I didn't buy any of those!  She was so disappointed. But why do I want to buy crappy Walmart photos of old, faded books with her reading Winnie the Pooh? 

Usually that night we have their family party. We couldn't last night because we had church. In fact, with Ashlea's schedule we won't be having Kori's birthday until Sunday. But here is what will happen....

Kori gets to pick her meal, which will be homemade pizza that she will help with, and homemade chocolate pie (my Nanny's recipe).
Then we open presents. Each of the girls bought her a gift with their own money. I buy three gifts, although they may be several smaller gifts that is really just one gift.

Then we go do a quiz where I ask questions like: what has been your favorite thing about the past year, the funniest thing that happened, how has God grown you, what's your favorite song. Everyone enjoys taking the quiz.  We usually read previous years quizzes where answers are something like, my favorite thing about last year was getting up early one day.  And, my favorite song is Jesus Loves Me.  And, I would buy a backpack with a million dollars.  Good stuff.

Then we go outside and take pictures. Several of Kori just by herself, with each of her siblings and with mom and dad.

Then we go in and look at her scrapbook. The quiz eventually makes it's way into the scrapbook.  You know, in all my spare time between schooling and diapering and parenting.  That scant three seconds I have when I rush to the bathroom before someone knocks on the door and desperately needs me.  So in other words, there is no time for scrapbooking.

They are also allowed a party with friends or we can go somewhere special and they can invite a friend. This year Kori wants a sleepover. Usually we go somewhere.  We've gone ice skating.  Almost.  They were closed even though we called three times to verify times including the day of the day we went.  YES. You heard that right.  The day of the day we went. I'm tired people, work with me. It was closed so we went to IHOP.  We've gone to an arts fair.  And that's all I can remember.  I'm sure we've had other fun birthdays.

They also have a party at Mimi's, where she prepares their favorite dessert, they eat on a special birthday plate and then open presents.

All done! That is how we do birthdays.

In ten years Kori will not remember that she got a CD player (from Mimi) but she will remember how Dad always met us for lunch. That is what is important.

What fun traditions do you have that I can steal?


Sassy Pink Boutique said...

Thanks for stopping by Mammalicious. I would suggest emailing Jill and asking about the 15% off. Since it is an Etsy shop, I think they do the discounts a little different. Thanks!

Andrea said...

I just had to stop by and tell you thanks for entering my contest at Momma IN Flip FLops2. Your comment made me laugh and made my day. You forgot the name of the shoes because of all the craziness at your home. That happens to me ALL the time when entering stuff. LOL!! No problem... it's a mom thing. Thanks for visiting and please stop by again.

Tara H. said...

it sounds like Kori has been very blessed. thank goodness you all are developing traditions she will always remember. If I could only be so lucky!

Happy Birthday to Kori.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Kori! That's quite a celebration!! One tradition that we do at our house along with some that you already do, is let the birthday child pick their favorite birthday cereal. Since the rest of the year they aren't allowed *junk* or boxed cereal, it is the one day that they can pick anything on the shelf they want like coco roos or lucky charms or whatever. They look forward to that tradition and they of course share with their siblings so the bag is pretty much gone that day. Once we woke up the birthday girl at midnight to have a midnight birthday bowl of cereal together...must've been mom's favorite, lol, can't remember now hehehe.... anyways, that's just one of ours here at our home, not the healthiest, but it's a good alternative to letting them eat that junk all year long and they can look forward to it (o:

Michelle said...

Bonnie, that's great! I love it. SO will the kids. Guess we'll start that one with Ashlea though, as I'm not about to let Asa or Millicent do it.