Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Friday

We are in full swing with our homeschooling. I was recently asked how we do it with different ages, so that's what I'm going to discuss today, our schedule.

I bought it at Managers of Their Homes. It was worth every penny. I wrote down everything we wanted to accomplish in a day, for each child. I included time with the each girl with Millicent to allow me to work with the other girls. (Terri suggested this in the book.) Then Jeff and I had a couple of really fun dates at his work site, after hours of course. We worked it up and got it together. We really saw God's hand as we figured it out. We wanted to honor him with our school day.

Once we got the schedule ironed out we put it to use. No flaws. This school year we had to re-work it. It only took one date and several hours. It was much simpler.

Here is Kori's schedule:
7 get up and Bible study
7:20 ish Get ready for day
7:30 Breakfast (serve and dining room duty)
7:45 clean room
8:15 do chores (Kori's chore is bathroom and books/movies)
8:45 Morning work (logic, journal, copy work)
9:00 Geography/writing (alternate days)
9:30 Math
10:00 (snacks) centers (we have several set up throughout the house as incentive to get your work done: mail, science, art, books, music)
10:30 time with Mom, self led learning
11:00 Time with Millicent
11:30 History/Bible
12:00 Finish school work
12:30 lunch
12:45 Rest time
2:30 Keepers of the Home
3:30 Art/PE (alternating)
4:00 Clean up, Piano/Read Aloud

That's until Jeff comes home at 4:30. Then every night we are home a different girl helps me cook.

It really helps us to accomplish all the different things in a day. We don't always get to everything but its something to strive for. If you are having a hard time getting everything done, I strongly encourage you to purchase Managers of Their Homes. I know it's a little high priced but it has everything you need to plan your schedule. And it comes with a book with some sample schedules and other peoples experiences. I really enjoyed the book and got some helpful advice from it.

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