Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthdays in our House

Our philosophy about birthdays is a little different than the world's. And why not, when the Bible tells us to be different from the world. We are more about the experience of the birthday, the traditions, celebrating the person, and less about the gifts. In fact, when we buy gifts we want them to be practical, while being fun. Things that will last a while, or a lifetime even. Things that will keep the children's interest, now and in the future. Educational things, hobby-like things, crafts, etc.

I love buying gifts. I put a lot of time and effort on just the right gift. With our philosophy in mind I try to think outside of the box. To walk down the aisle at Walmart and see all the shiny new toys is not what we want to do for birthdays and Christmas.

Our family knows how we feel, and while they don't necessarily understand, they usually try to accommodate us. The occasional Baby Alive, (whatcha gonna do when a Mimi wants to get her granddaughter the newest toy of the moment? They just love their grand kids.) or check to buy whatever they want, does make it past us. That's fine. As long as our overarching theme is minimalism.

This year for Kati's birthday we got her a movie (that she can enjoy over and over). A purse with food in it (her favorite thing). And some things to do manicures with. While this may not sound like much fun to many, Kati has just recently found an interest in doing manicures. She doesn't have any hobbies and doesn't really care for crafts. So we really wanted to encourage this in her. Baby Alive its not, but practical, educational and useful it is.

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Tara H. said...

kati looks truely blessed. Her happiness is shinning in this picture. Great Job!!!!