Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A 2011 Random post

She cut her hair. It was bound to happen.  JUST as I had it grown out.

Today was 11:11 1-11-11 and/or 1:11 1-11-11.

I miss Ashlea and Audra. Hi, Ashlea.  Miss you.  I've dreamt twice now that I was holding Audra and in my last dream I was in a dream and when I woke up from the second dream into the first I was telling you how nice it was to actually be holding Audra instead of just dreaming that I was holding her. (I better quit watching Inception.)

But the weirdest dream I had was from a few nights ago when my dream was three dreams deep and when I finally, really woke up, I wasn't sure if I was awake so I sat up and opened my bedroom door to feel the cold air.  I don't know why I'm telling you this.

But while I'm on the subject of telling you stuff, my air con (that's the way we say air conditioner in Singapore) in my bedroom is broken. Phooey on broken air cons and hot bedrooms that keep up at night because I'm sweating from the heat because we live on the equator.  But that's okay because it's not like I'm sleeping anyway.

I mean, Jerusha is waking me up every 20 minutes to nurse.  TWENTY minutes, I was watching the clock one night.  What gives?  I'm so tired that I had a discussion with Jeff and couldn't remember it the next day.

But other than that it's paradise here.

I have a surprise!  Guess what it is.  Seriously guess.  Nope, not pregnant.  I know that was everyone's first guess. 

Guess again.

Nope, staying in Singapore for a while.

One more time.

Okay, I'll tell you.  I have a new blog.  Now I'm not telling you the address yet.  I'm still working on it.  But expect a week of giveaways over there.  I hope to unveil it in February. If anyone has any tips for me for Wordpress PLEASE let me know.

Asa is still not potty trained.

Jerusha, is of course, a prodigy.

Kati is not feeling well.

Ta-ta for now.


Ashlea said...

Why another blog you hardly have time for this one?
The nursing thing, I'm right there with you. I've even said a couple times that I'm about ready to give up nursing cause I can't handle the nights anymore. SO tired..

Michelle said...

I have plenty of time for this one! LOL

I plan to JUST use the other and do away with this one. wordpress appears to be a way easier method of blogging.

DO NOT give up nursing and get around people who will support you. Whether you bottle or breastfeed you will be up nights. now at least you pop a breast in the mouth. A bottle has to be poured, heated and held until it's empty. NOT FUN. Trust me on this.

it gets better. she usually sleeps all night though.

Yara said...

Ashlea, don't quit! I promise you in a few months you won't remember how tired you felt. Well, it won't matter, anyway.
Your mom is right. Who wants to get up & fix a bottle, which will have to be washed in the morning. Yuck. Extra work is no fun. You have enough to do!

Michelle, since this is your blog/post, I suppose I should say something to you. It's not Christmas anymore! Yay! Thanks

So why is word press easier? Is it free? Am I gonna have to go follow the new blog? I don't want extra work, that's no fun.

Michelle G said...

don't quit! :) - Malachi is one tomorrow and hes done. (wahhhh!) I thought...hmm maybe just a nursing strike? Nope. Done. - Breaks my heart. I even have thought of "force feeding him" lol and I have managed to "sneak in a boob" in the middle of the night. But alas...I guess they're serving powdered milk now cause he only is there for about 7 minutes before he realizes...HEY I'M NOT GETTING ANYTHING!!

someone said "well its because you have SO many kids!" My great grand had and nursed 12. so that can't be it! (she was an A-cup!)
So Ashlea - don't give up. You won't regret it...and seriously you never sleep again as a momma (my oldest is 23 and he still keeps me up nights worrying:)

Michelle said...

oh please, as if the number of kids had any bearing on whether or not you can nurse. maybe you are pregnant. LOL LOL.

ashlea, see? the truth is you are going to be up with her either nursing and semi sleeping, or wide awake fixing and serving a bottle.

I promise you the benefits so far outweigh the drawbacks and they just keep getting better.

wait until she's about 9 months and she comes to you and you hold her near your breast and she lifts up your shirt for milk. You'll snort in laughter and thank your mom for reminding you to keep going.

it's less work. It really is.

now call addie and let her tell you the same thing.

Unknown said...

Yes smash I agree whole heart with these ladies. Dont you dare give it up! People will try to tempt you by saying if you give them formula they will sleep all night..this is lies. Babies either sleep all night or they dont. Izzy is almost 4 and hasn't nursed in a year and a half and she still wakes me up in the night. Things will get better you are just going through a rough patch we have all been there. You should come stay with me for a few days so you can be reminded that the way you are raising audra is the normal way and the right way.you need some good peer pressure :) love you.

Momice said...

I agree also. Feeding a baby formula doesn't guarantee they will sleep all night. And it's much more complicated to deal with the bottles at night then breastfeeding. These days seem like they are lasting forever. But believe it or not, they are over too soon. Before you know it your baby will be grown up and going to college. People told me that feeding my first baby formula and cereal would make her sleep better and gain more weight. It did not. I knew better with the next ones. Try to find other women who breastfeed and are knowledgeable about it for support and information.

Kelly said...

Ashlea, find a LLL meeting and get to it! Find some other ladies that nurse and hang around them as much as you can. You won't regret it in the long run. And to be honest, I didn't breastfeed my youngest past 2 weeks. I lost a lot more sleep having to get up and make bottles than just rolling over and um feeding him. Do you co-sleep? If it's a possibility for you, I highly suggest it!

Kelly said...

Oh right, a comment for Michelle. First of all, Windows Family Safety is blocking some images on your blog from me. (I'm on Grifyn's laptop) I like that. Secondly, I'll get on that thing you asked me as soon as I get my laptop back. I dumped coffee all over it, I'm waiting to see if it can be saved.

Jen said...

Ashlea - Don't forget to nap while the baby naps, if you need to, and if you can. Just because she's not a brand-newborn any more, it doesn't mean you can't do that. I never really mastered nursing while laying down, let alone sleeping, but it did take a lot less consciousness to hold my little one while she nursed than it did to get bottles for my older ones (I never nursed them). That's even considering that I either made the bottle up ahead of time, or just gave them a room-temp bottle (made with bottled water). All babies are different, so you may find that she nurses less during the night as she gets older. Thankfully, that's what mine did!

Unknown said...

yeah don't quit ashlea!! i quit at 6mts with my first baby and 4 mts with my second baby cause i was selfish and "wanted my body back" and i regret it soooooooooooo much i remember acually being embarresed to tell my mom when i quit with kyle cause he was so young!! but i was young to and did not really know any better and all my friends were young and just said yeah quit formula is easyer! its not easyer its easyer to pop your boob in there mouth and go back to bed trust me!!! i learned that with baby 3-5 :) and not to mention its expensive to buy formula because even with wic you still have to buy formula!!! good luck with whatever you decide!!

Michelle said...

Christy that is such a good point. man, i hated buying formula. When i would talk to people on Wic they always told me that it was never enough and they had to buy extra.

formula stinks, too. LITERALLY.

Milburns' said...

Oh yes... formula stinks going and ESPECIALLY coming out!!! LOL

Everyone is soo right, Ashlea. Its MUCH harder to bottle feed and you'll still be up at night... at least nursing you can side lie nurse and fall back asleep.

Is here La Leche near you so you can hang out with mamas and people who might have more good ideas, advice, help???

It helps to know we arent alone and surround ourselves with folks who support our decisions. :-)) La Leche or even google local breastfeeding meet ups or play dates or what have you. Hang in there Ashlea!!!!!!

You can do this!!!!! Audra will be the better for it and you too!! (((ASH))))