Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent Five days till Christmas-Game night

This tree is at one of the numerous malls I've visited lately, VivoCity.  Quite lovely.  While we were there we ran into some drummers drumming...and try as we might, we couldn't get a very good picture. Here is what we do have:

They were sure having fun.  One drummer was posing for pictures and laughing it up while he drummed. 

Today's Advent:

Game night.

The sad thing about this years game night is that I wasn't able to bring our games. So I bought a few while Christmas shopping, but only a very few.  We'll make do with what we have.

We do three family gifts at Christmas time.  One is always a TV series, but this year is a movie.  One is always a game.  And the other one is something we can all enjoy together.  Previous years presents have been a trampoline and a WII.  I do not know what this years is. I know! I know!  But as we speak (you read) Jeff is out shopping in hopes of finding something.

Today's blessing:

Say nothing negative about anyone.

Another tradition we have has to do with stockings.  Just like with presents it is so often a blur.  We like to prolong Christmas.  So we go around the room one at a time and take stuff out of our stockings.  Then we say how they apply to Jesus.  For instance, if someone gets a watch they could say, Jesus watches over me.  It's quite fun, really!

Also, they are allowed to eat whatever is in their stocking, whenever, however, as much as they want.  I usually make some overnight cinnamon rolls (SUPER easy) but this year I won't. Lunch usually consists of more junk food. But I do usually have some cheese, meats and crackers to snack on.  Then we go out to eat dinner. Everyone puts on their Christmas dresses. 

Some things my kids can generally count on in their stockings:

food of all kinds like candy, cereal, fruit, juice
a book
Christmas dishes for their hope chest
hair doo-dads
small toys

The kids LOVE opening stockings.  It's seriously one of the most fun things we do all season.

How do you spend Christmas?

Try as I might I couldn't get a good picture of Mill's tooth.  She lost it after days of it hanging on by a thread. 

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