Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent day 9-I like it hot enough that it burns my tongue

Today's activity:

Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped topping, sprinkles and cookies.

We will turn the air way down to super cool off the kitchen when we drink ours....make it a little more Christmasy.

I sent the girls to the store and let them pick out their own cookies.  They LOVED that.  (We live in walking distance of a grocery store...and Singapore is very safe.)

Blessing jar:

Do something with someone, that they want to do.  (I think I'll ask my person if they want to hang out with me, and I'll find out what they want to do.)

Tonight the elf is going to leave some candy coins laying around.   We'll try to arrange the scene as if they fell out of his pocket, but tell the kids they can eat them.

Lots of sweets around this time of year, no?  We'll get back to healthy eating soon enough. For now, let's just have fun.  (For the record, they are organic candy coins.  As if that matters.)


Jen said...

Love your new Christmas look!

Kansas Mom said...

I love how St. Nicholas left organic candy coins!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love how it looks as if they fell out of the elf's pocket,