Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent 12 days to go-All I want for Christmas is that bottom tooth

That is me in front of a GIGANTIC Christmas tree...three stories tall and I don't know how many feet that is.  Jeff and I both wanted to take a flying leap at it and see if we could land it.  Those balls are as big as your head.  (That's what she said.)

I hope my forgetting to post this weekends Advent activities didn't mess you up.  Sorry if it did. Never hesitate to email me and ask for tips.  I'm the queen of Christmas. At least I want to be.  And if you ever emailed me and asked for tips I might think I am.  And that's close enough.

So today's activity:

Pajama day.

I don't know why pj day is such a fun day for my kids but they ADORE it.

Speaking of pj's, I always get everyone pj's or gowns or whatever for their stockings.  I found some beautiful, Asian-inspired ones, for this year.

Today's blessing:

Read to someone younger.

Now take a look at this:

Millicent has had three loose teeth for some time now.  But yesterday, while I was out shopping, she had a little accident and hit the table.  Whereupon that bottom loose tooth became quite a bit looser...and whereupon she also smashed her top gum and bruised her face; though aforementioned bruises are not evident in picture.

But you can see how loose, right?

Now look at this:

Okay, weird picture. But I'm a proud mom, whadya want?  Her tooth is actually laying horizontally on her lips.  To put it another way; she's holding her tooth between her lips.  Exactly.

I'll keep you posted on that...I know you are on the edges of your seats.

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