Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Review: Max Lucado Outlive Your Life

When presented with the opportunity to read and review Max Lucado's new book, I was pretty excited.  I have a lot of his children's books (and was sent his latest to review this week).  And I have seen him speak, but haven't read any of his adult books. I was most excited about reading this book knowing how eloquently he presents a picture.  He takes you there. You can picture and feel and smell whatever he is telling you.  

If you are interested in this book (or anything that Amazon sells) be sure and click on the link there to the left, as I earn a small commission on anything that is purchased through my links.  Christmas is coming up!

My favorite parts of the book are the stories.  And he did not let me down with his imagery.  One of my favorites was the story of Necati and how he was tortured for his faith. He reminds us to be BOLD in our faith.  The book is just filled with stories like that.  I also loved the story of the imprisoned football players and how the crowds were there to cheer them on in the game.  They were used to being put down and criticized.  A reminder to us to love.

I have a heart for hospitality and he mentions that in the book. He listed Rahab, Martha and Mary, Zacchaeus and a "certain man" as examples of people in the Bible who opened their homes for others.  It was a good reminder of not worrying about what we have but sharing it anyway.  He reminds us of some important yet subtle areas of hospitality:  "make a big deal of their arrival", "address their needs" and "send them out with a blessing".

This would make a great group or individual Bible study and would be GREAT as a family Bible study.  I was thrilled to see that all the proceeds from the book go to Vision World.  Worth reading!

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Nicole said...

Have you read Becoming the Woman of His Dreams? Changed my life. Also, do you exchange gifts on Christmas Day? We exchange gifts on Epiphany, so I was just curious what others do!