Friday, July 30, 2010

Writer's workshop-Now you are as tired as I am

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The Prompts:

1.) It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

2.) Write a poem for your furry friend.

3.) Describe a memorable camping trip.

4.) It happened on a motorcycle.

5.) Post a vlog that shows you playing with your kids.


 Post a vlog that shows you playing with your kids.

Since I can't figure out how to vlog, just yet, I will record with words, the happenings in my living room.  Prepare to be amazed.  Dazzled.  Okay, maybe just confused.  And this was easier than getting out of bed, and getting dressed and brushing my teeth and my hair and getting the kids dressed and feeding that I could vlog for you.  Ahem.

Asa:  (After rest time.)  It's time to wake up and have a popsicle.

It's time to wake up and have a popsicle.

I found another one toy.

Time to wake up and have a popsicle.

Kori:  What kind of popsicle do you want?

Mom:  Just root beer since everyone is dressed.

Asa:  (screaming)  EEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Popsicle!!!!!

Mill:  What kind of snack?

Asa:  (screaming)  It's popsicle time!!!!!

Mom:  Root beer popsicles, yes.

Kati: It's just frozen root beer, almost.

Mill: I can open my own.

Kati:  Can I get my own?  (For the third time this week.)

Mom:  Nope.  Kori hands out afternoon snacks.

Asa:  Open mine.

Mill:  Open mine, Kori.

Here Asa, I'll open yours.

Asa:  No.  No.  NO!

Kati:  It would be cool if they'd put just pure root beer in these.  Dr Pepper "SODA POPS" Freeze & Eat Frozen Treats

(It's these. Only Root Beer.)

Mill:  Let me open mine.

Mom:  Everyone outside to eat popsicles.

Kori:  Mom. 

Mom:  What?

Kori:  Never mind. 

Kori walks through the house.

Kati dances at the door.

Kori plays the harmonica outside, then she comes back in.

Kori:  Kati is so funny.  She said, "No one can check the mail.  Now how do I know what mom is getting? Oh, it's birthday presents for me."  She's so funny.

Asa:  Open the door for me right now.

Kori:  Come on.  (Laughing as she goes.)

Asa plays with Mill's computer because he knows she hates it.  (Surely not.)

Mill dips her straw into the water in the wagon.

Asa asks me to start the music on the computer.  (So maybe he really did want to play with it and it wasn't just about annoying his sister.)

When the music starts he declares it's just like my computer.  (Surely not.)

Juice whines cause she's on her back.

Kori stands in the wagon to put on a music show.

Asa:  The bear wents over the mountain to see whats he could see.  (To the tune of She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain, on the computer.)

Asa:  Let me have it.  (The harmonica.)

Kori:  No.

Asa:  Let me have it. 

Kori:  No.

Asa:  Let me have it.

Kori:  Okay.  You have to play it outside though.

Music stops from inside and commences outside. 

Jerusha coughs and grabs me while playing with asa's duck.

Asa and Kori argue about playing the harmonica, and by argue I mean Asa screams for her to give it back because she took it.

He tells me he's playing music for me and proceeds to "play music".

Kati comes in, but not before she gets on to Millicent for some perceived disobedience.  And no, no one put her in charge of Millicent.

Kori lets me know that she drank her chocolate milk.

She checks the door to see if its still there.  Then she comes over to me and tells me that Kati found her library card, which she looked for earlier and was unable to find.  (But really it wasn't hers I learned later.)

Kati tried to get Asa to stop playing the harmonica by telling him she wants to show him something.  But he knows her tricks.  He doesnt want her to take it.  He tells her no.

She convinces him that his McDonald's toy (Spiderman) is being cool in the kitchen so he follows her in.

Sure enough.  He liked it.

Kati tells me that for two, he sure does play the harmonica well, and she dances again before she goes outside to get on to Millicent some more.  And no, no one has put her in charge yet.

Kori tells me more about her babysitting bag.  Reminds me once again that we owe her for babysitting.

Asa:  AHHHH!!!!  (From the back room.)

Kori tells me again how much I owe her in baby sitting.

Asa comes in playing the harmonica.

Ju cries cause she gets stuck in the couch.

Asa declares that Ju likes the music.

Kori can't stand someone playing music when she's not so she asks to play the piano. 

Asa asks me to play some music for "us".  He doesn't like the way I do it so he shows me how.  When Mill asks to play, he says it's his.

Kori plays Crown Him Lord of All.  Remarkably well.  Self taught, people. (Well I do have to take some credit, of course.)

Asa sings into a marker, Sing, Sing Sing.  Juice laughs at him.

Mill asks to use the harmonica, since he's obviously found something more fun. But he screams, no no no!

Mill tries to rub "lotion-medicine" on him but he wipes it off and says, no no no.

(Don't forget he's two.)

Juice is stuck again.

Mill puts "medicine" on him and he likes it and stops telling her no.

He tells her it's not medicine and they argue.  He plays the harmonica and she asks again if he'll let her. 

Kati comes in and talks to Juice.

She plays peek a boo from behind the couch. Juice looks everywhere for her and when she pops out she laughs.

She loves it. 

That was ten minutes in our house. 

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Kara said...

Yeah, reading that wore me out!!! LOL!! I give you mad props, Michelle!