Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writer's workshop-My Bucket List

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and go to Mama Kat's and sign Mr. Linky. Be sure to sign up with the actual post URL and not just your basic blog URL (click on the title of your post for that URL). For good comment karma try to comment on the three blogs above your name!!

The Prompts:

1.) What would you change about your life if you could?

2.) I wish I would have…describe a time when you didn’t take action, but later wished you would have.

3.) A collector you know.

4.) Photographs can turn a house into a home. Share a photograph that is not on your wall, but should be…if you weren’t so lazy about actually putting it there.

5.) Write a list of 100 things you want to do before you turn 100. Otherwise known as a “bucket list”.


First things first.  Where have I been?  BUSY. SOOOOOOO BUSY.  Yes, I like caps and I used them to express just how busy I have been. BUSY, people.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.  Boo, hiss, hiss.  Sorry, too busy today.

Secondly, I haven't posted Biggest Loser in two weeks. I'm such a loser.  But I'm not the biggest loser because last check I had gained weight.  Please get your weights into me for this week. We only have three weeks left.


Write a list of 100 things you want to do before you turn 100. Otherwise known as a “bucket list”.

  1. Fly to Singpore.
  2. Live in Singapore.
  3. Adopt from Africa.
  4. Have another baby at home.
  5. Have a granddaughter.
  6. Have a grandson.
  7. Help with the birth of said granddaughter.
  8. Help with the birth of all my grandchildren.
  9. Become a doula.
  10. Visit Australia.
  11. Spend the day feeding the homeless.
  12. Give away a car to someone who needs it.
  13. Adopt from Russia.
  14. Write and publish a book.
  15. Read.  
  16. Watch the fourth and fifth Twilight movies.
  17. Go on a date with my husband, to the Melting Pot.
  18. Watch my children graduate from (home) school.
  19. Plan my children's weddings.
  20. Plan my children's husbands and wives.
  21. Adopt from China.
  22. Plant a garden.
  23. Can my entire harvest.
  24. Have an orchard.
  25. Buy a house to live in forever.
  26. Make sure it has a pool.
  27. Learn to sew.
  28. Sew pajamas.
  29. Sew slips.
  30. Sew dresses.
  31. Sew baby clothes.
  32. Sew doll clothes.
  33. Never buy doll clothes again.
  34. Write my blog post about why I went two weeks without blogging.
  35. Make my blog readers laugh.
  36. Make my blog readers cry.
  37. Make my blog readers throw their computers against the wall in solidarity with me.
  38. Teach my children to play the piano.
  39. Throw the piano across the room because my kids are terrible at playing the piano.
  40. Breastfeed until Roo weans herself.
  41. Tell everyone that Jerusha's new nickname is Roo.
  42. Paint the house to sell it.
  43. Hire someone to paint the house to sell it.
  44. Hire someone to clean the house to sell it. (Any takers?)
  45. Move.
  46. Move far, far away.
  47. Adopt from Mexico.
  48. Meet the Duggars.
  49. Ask Michelle how she stays so positive and patient.
  50. Learn to be patient.
  51. Get rid of children who cause me to lose my patience.
  52. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  53. Lose a whole bunch of weight.
  54. Fit into pre pregnancy clothes.  From three pregnancies ago.
  55. Throw away fat clothes.
  56. Get pregnant again.
  57. Wish I hadn't thrown away fat clothes.
  58. Buy new fat clothes.
  59. Adopt a baby from Taiwan.
  60. Ride a horse.
  61. Own a horse.
  62. Own a lot of horses.
  63. Ride a dog.
  64. Own a dog.
  65. Ride a cat.
  66. Own a cat.
  67. Watch a season of Survivor as it airs.
  68. Not play golf.
  69. Not watch golf.
  70. Forbid husband to play golf.
  71. Make cheesecake.
  72. Get someone else to make cheesecake.
  73. Eat all of a cheesecake.
  74. Adopt a baby from Ukraine.
  75. Let my hair grow really long.
  76. Cut my hair.
  77. Get bangs.
  78. Let bangs grow out.
  79. Learn to photograph really well.
  80. Go to photography studio for pictures.
  81. Go on a cruise.
  82. Swim with dolphins.
  83. Go to New York.
  84. Watch a Broadway show.
  85. Star in a Broadway show.
  86. Star in any show.
  87. Watch any show since I can't get a part.
  88. Ride a train.
  89. Ride a train with a tramp.
  90. Be too scared to ride a train with a tramp and jump off.
  91. Learn to decorate cakes.
  92. Eat cakes.
  93. Learn to share cakes with family.
  94. Find really cute, tall boots like all the cute women wear.
  95. Talk about how cute they are.
  96. Buy flip flops.
  97. Get microdermabrasion.
  98. Get some "other" work done.
  99. Finish Lost.
  100. Meet Jesus.


    Bethany said...

    Ooo, I hate flip-flops. Can't stand to have that thing between my toes!

    I am starting homeschool this year with my 4th and 2nd graders. Don't know that I'll do it for more than one year, but we'll see.

    Also, just got back from New York in May. It was my first trip, and I am in love with that city! When you go, you'll love it too. :)

    Unknown said...

    great list - going to knock one of those off soon! ... grandma

    Neena said...

    Yes - I too want to find a cute pair of boots. Somehow everyone else seems to have a pair - but I can't any.

    Very nice list - stopping by from Mama Kat's.

    Kara said...

    Will you let me join in on the cake sharing???? I do love me some cake :)

    Stephanie Faris said...

    100?I don't know if I could come up with that many. It might take 100 years!

    Milburns' said...

    LOVE this!!! Fabulous list! :-D

    Amy said...

    Holy cow that is quite the list! Good luck.

    Nicole said...

    You will learn to sew doll clothes, and you will do it once. Then you will begin buying them again. They are so itty bitty and tiny, and my fingers aren't!

    Nicole said...

    I would usually have gotten back to you sooner, but I had a wedding this weekend out of state. I am married (we hit the year mark in late May), I am in college and my husband is getting his master's degree/PhD. I am 22. No kids yet, unfortunately, but hopefully soon! Then I will begin not making doll's clothes for my own children instead of my nieces!