Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Biggest Loser just got bigger

Blogger wasn't working for me yesterday so I couldn't get our post up. 

Evidently taking a week off of weight loss and eating everything I could, and then getting back on track, helps you lose weight.  Because I lost.  Weird, huh?  I don't recommend it.  Well, the getting back on track part I do.  But the eating everything in sight I don't.  The good thing about eating everything in sight is that there wasn't a whole lot in sight.  I don't buy junk food anyway, and I hadn't been grocery shopping in a week.  So, well, you can see how that might not be that bad.  Except on Wednesdays when I go church and I apply that same principle to the potluck meal.  Eat everything, that is.  Everything in sight.  See? Bad.

Moving on from my weaknesses, to yours.

How are you?  This midway mark is hard for everyone but we can do it together.  This weeks tip is to continue to write everything down.  AND find an accountability partner to show your list to each day, so they can critique your meals and eating habits.  It may be just the thing you need to get back on track.  We currently have 27 people playing.  If you email me I will set you up with a partner, or feel free to use one at home or someone else in your life who is doing something similar.  But finding one is the important thing.

Mine is Kelly.  Kelly, you ready?

I will be emailing my food list to Kelly each day and she'll brag about how great I'm doing.  Right, Kelly?

Another contestant donated a prize.  To stay on track I'm going to donate another $5, if I gain.  Anyone want to join me for this challenge?  I am getting a $5 gift certificate from Swagbucks in another day or two and if I gain this week it's going in the pot.  I encourage you to do the same if you are having a hard time staying motivated.  Giving away $5 is helpful!

Our pot:

$20 gift certificate to the Biggest Loser store
$10 gift certificate to Amazon.com
some nice exercise equipment
a video (a new donation)

And don't count on my donation this week, I'm losing.

I am wondering if we should split the pot up into first and second place, and possibly third if it keeps getting bigger.  Please weigh in (get it, weigh in...Biggest Loser, weigh in...is this thing on?) with your opinion.

Our weights:

Aimee        2.21%
Me            1.43%
Melissa        .69%
Amy           .59%
Emily          .47%

GET THOSE WEIGHTS IN!!!!!  I don't even have half.  Gain, lose or maintain, I'm keeping a record.  I will hunt you down. (Via email, but still.)


Kelly said...

Of course I'll brag if you do good, but I'll also totally out you if you do bad :D As long as you promise to do the same for me.

Kara said...

I lost some!!! Woot!!! =)
I am 4 lbs away from my first goal. All I have been doing thus far is watching calories (somewhat) and really just being super busy. I'm really going to start trying now... I have the encouragement of not really trying too hard and losing so I'm going to see what I can do when I REALLY try.
I lost 12 lbs... I think? Michelle gave the percentage of 5. something... Anywho, KEEP IT UP LADIES =)