Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writer's workshop--I AM NOT stressed, I screamed

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The Prompts:

1.) Ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is.

2.) “I need all the help I can get and if repeating something healthy and inspiring to myself several times a day helps, then I’m going to do it!” -What affirmation makes you feel better? WELL THINK OF ONE.

3.) I Wanna Be MADE! You remember the MTV series where nerdy high school kids are made to be popular and what not? If you could be MADE into anything…what you be made into?

4.) I’m reading a book about dogs and kids…it says you may need to compromise some of your dog standards when choosing a dog that will fit every family member’s needs. I think that’s like marriage. What did you compromise when you married?

5.) Why didn’t they ask you? Write a list of 5 or 10 sentences that begin with the words ‘No one ever asked me’; then, write about one of them in detail, or use them all in a poem, or use several in a personal description of yourself.


Ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is.

Millicent: Getting books.  (Evidently having a fine at the library and not getting books for a few weeks was solely my fault.  That or she's a weird four year old.)

Jeff:  I'm not telling you that.  OK.  Easily irritated by small things like blinking lights and crunching ice.  (Took him about two seconds to come up with that.)

Kori:  Sometimes when you don't get enough sleep you get really upset with us and don't have enough patience.  (UM...that's every day.  The not getting enough sleep part, people.  I always have enough patience.  Ahem.)

Kati:  You get stressed easily.  (You do!  Kidding.  Kidding.  I'll take the hint.  But in my own defense, she's wrong.  She just happens to get in a LOT of trouble...and it probably seems to her like I'm upset a lot at her. But we all know how perfect I am.)

Asa:  Computer. (Now he's actually right.)

Michelle:  Chocolate.  Chocolate is my weakness.

Please join us for the writer's workshop.  It's really fun. Would you do me a little favor?  If  you do it, would you come over here and leave me a comment so I can read what you wrote...and don't forget to link up at Mama Kat's so others can read it too.


Kara said...

I am SO glad that you are annoyed by people crunching ice!!!! That is one of my biggest irritants. That and stupid people LOL!!!! I'm totally going to post today on this Writer's Workshop. :)

Unknown said...

That was so cute Michelle, I love how you included everyone on it. I thought about asking my husband to define a weakness of mine but I knew that my own self-professed weakness (WAY too defensive) would likely turn it into a big fight so I opted for a different prompt today, LOL!

I also lack patience quite often and am highly annoyed by all of the little noises too. My least favorite is when my husband forgets to put his seatbelt on and the car starts dinging! He does it just to annoy the crap out of me, I'm sure of it!

Have a blessed day my friend!

Jerusha is getting so big!!!!

KatBouska said...

Awww...none of them are that bad actually! Loved your husband's answer!! Totally reminds me of my sister who points out the most trivial things and then all of us notice them and are annoyed by them too. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Kids have a different perspective on our weaknesses, don't they? I have a feeling if I asked my stepdaughter what my weakness was, she'd say, "Not letting me eat ice cream for breakfast."

Mrs. Stam said...

My weakness right now is peanut butter ice cream!!! Yes I even get up in the middle of the night for it!!!

Crazy pregnancy craving LOL

Kelly said...

Ok, so I see a post in my reader about the weight loss thing, but I don't see it here. I'll keep looking.

Milburns' said...

ok help me as I figure this all out... when I clicked on "Mama Kats" to get the link there was an error... so I cant share it just yet... and how in the WORLD do I use the button for her (or ANY button for that matter) and have it work in a post???

I LOVE these writer workshops as I adore writing but I am just lame when it comes to blogging! LOL

Milburns' said...

AND what the HECK is a blog party????

Milburns' said...