Thursday, March 11, 2010

What your momma never told you

Did everyone see where Mary offered us 25% off anything in her Beautifully Created Etsy shop?  She said just mention my blog in the notes section while ordering.  Ladies, those pads are insanely cheap now. Remember my challenge?  Go buy one, you won't be disappointed.  Let us know how it goes...or at least me. Let me know how it goes.  She sells other stuff too, so check it out.

My friend Yara, from This is My Life started a new newsletter, called Macaroni Kids.  Be sure to subscribe, if you are in her area.  Now go make my diapers, Yara.

Now on to the questions.

Don't you hate it when technology fails us?

Oh my goodness, yes.  I've had so much trouble with my computers.  And I'm as lame as a person can get when it comes to knowing how to fix this stuff.

Do y'all have any name ideas for your new one? [This was sent while I was still pregnant.]

Crazy, weird names like Jerusha.  But Lucille was the top name for a while. And Frederick Emet was our boys name. We like Hebrew for middle names.

Is your hubby home now? [Written when Jeff was in Singapore.]

NO!  He's not. And just like I was crying last time, I almost cried this time. Only this time it was because I was trying to put my babies to sleep and they were crying and I was upset and they were upset and I was tired and they were tired and I had no help....and you get it.

He's in Denmark.  The weird thing about all this travel is that he has traveled more in the last year than he has the entire time he's been employed here.

What is turtle poop?

To the best of recollection it was a recipe that we messed up and named turtle poop...for the obvious reason.  It looked like a turtle.  What?  What did you think I meant?  Just kidding.  It looked like poop.

It was a candy bar like an Almond Joy or Snickers blended up in a blender.  Then rolled in more chocolate...the dipping kind. Left to dry in little balls. Mostly it was globby...and mighty good.

I'd be curious as to know your thoughts and feelings on it when you do get to watch it: Do you feel as I do? What would you have liked to seen happen? [Referring to last seasons finale of Survivor.  Diary of a Sad Housewife posted a GREAT blog post about it....but I cant link directly.  To read it in it's entirety go to the second page of her blog and scroll down.]

"This is a man [Russell] who created chaos by burning his own tribe mates socks in the fire and emptying their water canteens while they slept--just to see what would happen."


FABULOUS, WONDERFUL post.  My sentiments exactly.  I am soooo glad Russell has a second chance. And, Kara, my dear friend, you must start watching.  After all, I've invited myself over for the season finale. And this time Dennis isn't going to pretend like he doesn't know when it is so that he foils me coming over. I'm coming!

Are you scrubbing the floor yet? [In reference to trying to start labor.]

Get real. I don't ever scrub the floors. Remember my post about delegating?  I delegate that. I might even let them use a mop sometimes.

Babies are such blessings aren't they?


OH my yes.  Even when they keep you up all night. Or throw up on your shoulder. Or have poop all the way up to their necks.  Yep, still blessings.  ESPECIALLY when said bodily fluids make it into your mouth.

Just kidding.  That's never happened to me.  Uh-hm.  But they are truly always blessings.

 Is it silly of me to tell you to keep up the good work? 

While Helen was referring to the good work I was doing being pregnant and laboring and such, I'm taking it as a reference to the great mom I am.  Thanks Helen, not silly at all. I mean, after all, everyone is fed and (mostly) dressed and alive.

How's the weather back in OK?

Beautiful.  Not snowing or icing or freezing or raining or anything like it. Sunny and almost warm.

I'm sure having fun with these questions written to me almost three months ago. I'm certain they never expected me to answer them on my blog. But hey, at least I'm thorough.

How are you feeling? [In reference to my pregnancy.]

I'm feeling great.  Tired, whew.  Slept on the couch last night with two of my five kids...did I say five?  I have six...guess I'm more tired than I thought...but great.  I was doing great the day Renee asked me this too...the day before I had, make that the day I was laboring with her.

Okay, now for a real question.

I am going to be a baby-wearing mama myself, even though my husband still thinks it looks weird! Have you found a sling that you like best? Where? I will have some special considerations being an obese mommy (at first!) but any general info would be great!

I highly recommend, for new baby wearing moms, a Maya ring sling. You can buy one new at Maya Wrap, Amazon or used at Baby Wearer.  I'm big too and it fits comfortably while still leaving a tail to cover yourself while nursing.  It's very comfortable for a newborn and easy to learn.  You can VERY easily nurse in one and the baby can pop in and out as needed. I have enough so that I keep one in the van for when I go somewhere. I do not ever carry one of those humungo carriers into the stores...but if I don't keep a sling in the van, sure enough I'll get there and realize I left home without one.  That's a long drive back or a really sore arm.

You will find that you LOVE your sling and will buy more. But this is a great starter one.  Babies love the comfort and security of a sling. Moms love having their hands free.  A moms get all freaked out about germs and stuff (I'm sure Trudy won't though) and 99% of the people you meet in the stores will not try to touch your baby.  However, there will always be the one percent that will actually move the sling away, while your baby is nursing, and see your nipple.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  Is it okay to say nipple on my  blog?

Feel free to keep asking me questions; intentionally or not.  I'm loving this!


Tamara Dawn said...

LOL I'll have to look for a Turtle Poop recipe! haha

That Russell sounds like a bad boy!

Thanks for popping by my place yesterday!! =)

Susie said...

What a great interview:-)

Adoption of Jane said...

Oh wow I didn't know you had six kids!! I bow to you!! Send wishes to me tonight... hoping i make it through another BLOGvivor Tribal Vote!! Did cruddy on my challenge but it was entertaining LOL!

Your weather sounds like mine!!

Unknown said... finally got to my question, LOL! You've been a busy gal answering lots of them. I am going to check out the Maya ring slings right now and you are the second person that mentioned them to me. I totally relate to the whole not lugging around that darn car seat. I plan to NOT do that as much as possible!

holly said...

Hey, where did your facebook go? :(

Kelly said...

How's Ashlea doing with the pregnancy? Are ya'll moving to Thailand?

Yara said...

nip nip nipple
I cant believe people move your sling. I'd smack their hand if they tried that on me!