Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day fun...day two


The green cereal was a hit, just like I predicted.  But it was touch and go at first.

When I poured the milk in the older girls bowls they started giggling. When I poured it in Millicent's, she started crying. She got very upset.  UNTIL I whispered that it was a pretend leprechaun but not to tell the girls.  Then it was great fun to think about him all day long.  She called him a little man.

The girls really had fun with their stories.  I was a bit surprised.  Kori's was about the Hobbit, because she just finished reading it.

Our leprechaun trap was a little harder than I predicted and we are still working on it. 

Here are the poems they wrote.


Leprechaun makes cereal green
Leprechaun it is funny
It is St. Patrick's day
The little man makes stuff green


Green is yummy
Green is cool
Green is sitting in a pool
Green is silly
Green is slinky
And also stinky
Green is sitting on my pinky
Green is so cool
Just like cooling in the pool


Unicorns, dragons, Leprechauns-
Wait a minute Leprechauns?!
Leprechauns are real,
They're not fairy tales.
They're tiny old men,
of course,
But they're not fairy tales!

Today's activities:

We'll have green punch.  Easy recipe.

A container of green sherbet
2 liters of Ginger ale
can of frozen lemonade (going to try that in small doses for the right taste)
can of pineapple

Stir together and serve chilled.

The crafts are rainbow and shamrock rice found at Under the Table and Dreaming.  Everyone will LOVE this!

For their assignment they will:

Try to stump dad with Bible questions...he can only get 2 out of 5 right for them to move on.

Then he will tell them to memorize a verse, every other word, and Mill has to know at least two words.

Last they will put on a skit of their making.

All to win a headband each.


Unknown said...

Lots of fun! The green punch sounds very yummy!

Kara said...

Too cute!!! I love this post so much. Did Hannah take that pic of Mill that you have on this post? It is adorable!!!

Yara said...

I'd freak out if my milk was green.
Though I pumped once and it had a bluish tint to it. But thats a different type of milk ; )

Kelly said...

Aw, poor Mil! I liked Katie's poem best :)