Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writer's workshop-A lame, boring post


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The Prompts:
1.) You’re so vain. You probably think this post is about you…don’t you?
2.) Tell us about your trip!
3.) A difficult conversation.
4.) Can you almost stop time with your words? Write about the fastest ride you ever had, but describe only a few seconds of it…as though it was happening to slow motion.
5.) Who blind-sided you? Write about a time someone caught you totally off guard.

Leaving Silver Dollar City after our second day there, two day admission included with our resort

As a child we went on mini vacations, like camping.  But really I dont have many pleasant memories from those vacations. Conversely, Jeff has wonderful memories of his family vacations.  They've been everywhere.  

One year for Christmas his parents decided to treat the family to a ski vacation.  Not my favorite destination, but they were helping with expenses, so who am I to complain.  With my first real vacation I began to LOVE vacations.  Whoda thunk?  No alcohol = mucho fun.

Two years ago I stumbled upon the blog of a woman who was a travel agent. Her blog was witty and fun.  And she claimed to be free.  So I thought, why not?

I emailed her with my budget, how far we were willing to travel and the number of people.  She booked us a fabulous vacation in Branson.  Ever been?

Our condo was roomy with two jacuzzi tubs and plenty of beds.  (According to Millicent, Ashlea slept in the kitchen, on a bed that came out of the wall.)  The resort had foosball, tether-ball, paddle boats, playground, etc.  It was great.

The best thing about Branson is Silver Dollar City.  TOTALLY a family place. There was no smoking, cussing, or half dressed hussies teenagers.  

I highly recommend Julie and Branson.

 I  also highly recommend you clicking on this picture and seeing my amazing photography skills where I captured the actual, yes actual, rain drops.  Oh yeah, and my cute kids.


This was on the landing.  And boy, aren't they having fun?

Boring post.  Sorry.  I couldn't get anything else out of those writing prompts.  Got something better?  Be sure to let me know.  

Anyone watch Heroes or Lost?  Because they are both making me mad. Which is lame because they are two of the best actual shows, as opposed to all the reality shows that I watch which you and I know are the really the best shows on television at least Survivor is but don't tell me about Survivor because I'm an episode behind. So are you?  Watching them, that is?  Heroes and Lost?

I'll get back to answering your questions tomorrow. Are we having fun yet? Huh, are we?


Rebecca Jo said...

Its not a boring post! :)

I've heard fun things about Branson!!!

And yep, I'm watching LOST... freaked out by every episode... but loving every minute of it!

Kelly said...

I watch Heroes and Lost. Heroes didn't come on this week, I think because of the Olympics. No, wait, didn't this season end already? I didn't watch Lost yet, I have it recorded though. I'll probably watch it tonight, since Bones and Fringe haven't been coming on because of the Olympics. Grifyn asked me what the Olympics are yesterday. If it weren't for the commercials, we might watch it. Maybe. Just kinda boring to me. Anyways, what's making you mad about Heroes and Lost?

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I've never even heard of Branson, but am going to search it now. And a post that makes me search is not a boring post!

ps. I have an award for you today

Sandra said...

I love heroes too... and Lost...

Never been to Branson...

Thanks for visiting my blog... The header is my creation... but the back ground is from Hot Bliggety Blog... i change it often.

BrambleRose said...

Hi Michelle,

Just now saw your comment on my blog from January! Wanted to thank you for your thoughts and apologise for not checking it more promptly.

Michelle : )

junebug said...

How funny that we both wrote about Branson. :-)
I have to agree with Lost and Heroes. Both have been disappointing me lately. As far as Survivor I quit watching for years because it was annoying me. I came back this year because some of my favs were on. However, I have found them just as stupid this year as far as how they are voting. I might not last the whole season.

Cajoh said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's…

Never been to Branson. May have passed through there before it was a place to go since I had relatives in Arkansas and you have to go through Missouri to get there.

Thanks for sharing,

Carla said...

Life with children is NEVER boring. Love the jumping picture. Kids breaking out with random silliness, well it is the best.

dusty earth mother said...

Hey, found you on MamaKat's. Thanks for the tip about Branson! And Lost is the one and only show I watch and I've been aggravated with it. Why new characters now? And where is Ben? More Ben, more Ben!!

Unknown said...

Great pictures and while we haven't been to Branson, it is definitely on our bucket list!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that post was boring at all. You are an amazing photographer - actual rain drops? Wow!

I used to watch Heroes but they've lost me now. I just can't get back t watching it.

MrBibleHead said...

Always wanted to go to Branson.. Now even more. Your post did not bore me ... it inspired me to get going. Thanks. Never have watched heroes or lost. But my daughter loves them both.