Friday, January 8, 2010

Another update

Change of plans. Just as we were walking out the door, I mean, literally walking out the door, Jeff tried the water one more time and it worked. It was unfrozen. Talk about God's providence.

Sweet Ashlea took the kids over to Mimi's anyway and now I have some quiet time.

My contractions, unfortunately have slowed down.

My labors are usually really long. I haven't had one shorter than 12 hours, and that was with pitocin. So this could go on for another day or two.

I feel pretty sure I'm in labor, even though the contractions have slowed down. Hopefully they will pick back up in the next little bit. That or I'll get a really good nights sleep and start all over tomorrow...and really, either is fine with me!


Mrs. Stam said...

God is good Alleluia for hot water!!!!

I'm looking for labor massage (legs) that speed up labor and keep drinking those herbal tea!

Mrs. Stam said...

here is acupressure point

with pictures

and a video

hope this helps!!!

Sandra Wilkes said...

Well it'll come when it comes! Just be comfortable in the meantime. Sounds like you are totally at peace.

Darcel said...

So excited for you! Awesome that you got hot water again. Maybe baby will come in the early morning hours?

Yara said...

come on little Reneesme or EJ
come out come out wherever you are...
we wanna meet you
we're waiting for you
we're ready for you
your daddy even got water back for you (or would that be Daddy as in heavenly Father? A little of both)

Yara said...

ps... while your contractions have slowed... Asa isn't 23 months anymore
just sayin....

Mom's Place said...

I just came to check on you! Good luck! I hope things pick up!!! Praying the pipes don't freeze again!

prashant said...

Sounds like you are totally at peace.

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Kara said...

Happy almost 1 week birthday, Jerusha!!! We love you and are so glad you are here!!!