Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pregnancy update....35 ish weeks and counting it down!

I've included last month's picture and this month's picture so you can tell me if it looks like I've dropped. HUH? Have I? Have I? Please tell me yes. NOT that it means anything...except that someday I'll have the baby and knowing that I dropped gives me hope it will be soon. Try not to notice that my nose has gotten bigger.

According to EVERYONE who sees me, I have dropped...even my massage therapist said she thought I had. So you compare.

Yesterday I was so ready to have this baby...even being induced wasn't sounding too bad. I was feeling sorry for myself and all around miserable. I took a hot bath in a cold room and prayed. I prayed that God would just help me to be patient and enjoy this time. I feel so much better now. You never know when a pregnancy could be your last, for one. If this is my last than I don't want to have complained my way through it. I want to look back and remember how much I enjoyed it. And even if it's not my last, I still want to enjoy it and not be miserable. Also, having the baby INSIDE of me is way easier than outside of me. So I'm content again. God is so good.

And I have reasons to be grateful:

I barely have restless leg or heartburn.

Instead I have a lower backache that doesn't seem to get much better after seeing the chiropractor.

I am sleeping really well.

Instead I have a headache every day, that for some reason, originates at the base of my head at some tender spots there.

I'm eating a lot more. JOY. I mean, what's a pregnancy if all you can eat is a burger? No, that's just not right. I want to eat the burger, fries, a soda and some dessert. Right, girls?

My energy is pretty good, the problem is that I'm not feeling well. See aforementioned headaches and add to that a cold. I'm getting over it though.

I still haven't gotten all the diapers out or any baby clothes, but we have gotten all the birth stuff out and ready. The pool is aired up and ready to go....and let me tell looks and feels SO GOOD. The inside is soft and comfy. I am really looking forward to it!

I was looking at the newborn diapers (that I did manage to get out) and just realizing that our baby won't even fit in them. Our babies are so teeny tiny. Their little chicken legs just jut out the leg holes. But somehow these diapers manage to contain the messes. They are so soft and fuzzy. I just like to rub them and picture my baby in it. Freaky? I guess so. No, I'm not talking about your average Pampers. Less freaky? I'm talking about Blueberries (OH SO unbelievably soft) and Kissuluvs and Swaddlebees.

So, I AM getting excited. Getting excited is good. Being impatient is not.

I have a new, weird pain. When I'm sleeping at night, if my gargantuan stomach is not propped on the body pillow, I wake up with pains. I think they are round ligament pains...but I'm not sure. So you say, Michelle, just put your stomach on the pillow. Sounds simple. But you see, I have to LIFT the stomach up to fit it on there....and I have to do that every time I wake up and turn over. Which, I think we all know, is a lot.

Leaking lots of body fluids. But no sighting of the mucus plug yet. Seeing the mucus plug means I'll be going into labor in a week or two. Seeing bloody show means I will be in labor in a few hours. Not seeing anything good yet. Oh, I'm watching. It's so funny/ironic that we watch our cervical fluid for weeks, only to watch for our periods and then nine months later to watch for more mucus. Funny, huh? It all means something different though.

I have great news! I finally found the PERFECT baby book. So perfect in fact, that I feel like I don't even need to make the calendar. But how mean would it be to not make one for the baby? Just tell it when it gets older that I preferred the baby book?

Here is the Baby book that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE:

And here is one for when you are pregnant, just as good as the baby book:

Seriously, amazing.

You may recall me complaining about how I couldn't find a baby book without the requisite vaccine page and coming home from the hospital and the pages on sleeping through the night (which is SO not even on my radar). Well this book doesn't have the silly vaccine page. (I mean, who wants to record that in their baby book???) And the home from the hospital page isn't home from the hospital, it's just their first day page. Isn't that better?

Each month has a place to record all the highlights and put up that month's picture. I loved that about the Carter's baby book...but this one is so beyond that. And instead of five years worth of birthday parties at the end (which inevitably I forget to record), it actually lets you END the baby book with a review of the first year. Then you put the date you stopped recording in it and you are DONE. So you don't feel bad for forgetting what you bought them for their second birthday.

And well...that's all folks. That's my update.

Shall I give a blow by blow when I go into labor? Webcam it for you and broadcast live? I don't know about that....but I'm sure you'll get updates!

And you? How are you faring? Any strange symptoms? Wondering about anything you can't figure out? We love those types of things. Be sure and tell us!


Unknown said...

You have definitely dropped my dear and you look positively radiant, no joke! I hope it is soon for you too...a Christmas baby would be wonderful!

Prayer does work wonders, doesn't it? I will continue to pray for you and baby too.

Really, round ligament pain still?! One of these days I'm going to remember that I have to get up slowly and not twist around so much...ouch!!!

I've had that darn headache too but am feeling better for the most part...mornings are my roughest times but I can't a couple weeks we'll be halfway there! I too am trying to enjoy every moment though. I'm going to do a pregnancy post later today!

Blessings my look wonderful!

Mama-Dawn said...

Well all I can say is you better give us very frequent updates :) Web cam would be good, but I will understand if you don't. But I do expect updates either way. You are so close! Yay for you, you beautiful mama :)

Yara said...

All I saw was your nose. Which, I wouldn't have if you didn't make me go look for it :o)
Is your hair cut shorter? Or am I just delusional from lack of sleep?
I want a live webcast! I demand it! You have to!!!
Of course, you reserve the right to say 'forget it' like I did once you are actually in labor.
But I do request to be notified directly to my phone.
Demand? Whatever is gonna get that message to me
I'm glad you are content.
I finally found that blessingway book. A bit late, but if you wanna look through it anyway it has some great stuff.
And I have a hat for your baby.
So I need to send you a small package anyway.
I give you permission to have the baby TOMORROW. No wait, that's not right. Saturday. yes, Saturday during Kevin's party, which is at noon pacific time. Okay?
Then when 'm exhausted from bouncing around a monster truck bounce house with a cute one year old; I can get all excited you are having a baby.

Kara said...

Can I just come out to your house when you go in to labor??? LOL!!! I got to witness the birth of baby Josslyn last year and it was so amazing. I cannot wait for "Apple Dumpling" to arrive!!!
I want one :(
Yes, you have dropped and grown!! I love it, still think it's possible that there are two in there.. We'll see. :)

Mom's Place said...

Looks like you have dropped! You are like me...carry very low! I always felt like I needed a cart or something to help me lug my belly around!

Kelly said...

Definitely looks like you've dropped! I'm exited for you. Yes, prayers does work wonders. I experienced the same thing with prayer yesterday, but it involved Grifyns behavior :oP

Stacey said...

You look fabulous :) I love reading your updates, and I hope you'll keep us up to date on labor!

adrienzgirl said...

You do look like you have dropped. I bet you are getting excited now! Yeah for limited leg spasms and heartburn.

I can't believe you are sleeping well. Enjoy that while it lasts!! :D

Anonymous said...

You've done something because you look ready to go!

Holy cow, I could not be preggers again...

I'm lasered!



AiringMyLaundry said...

You look great.

I'm glad things are going well! I'm jealous you can sleep at this point. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I couldn't sleep that well.

Andrea said...

Hmmm...yep, I think you've dropped too! My Dr. I had with my last baby though said that a sure fire way to tell if you've dropped or not is to feel for the baby's head (either you or someone else if it's too hard to reach. :) ), and try to move it back and forth...if your whole body moves with the baby's head, you've dropped. If the baby's head is still loose and moves easily, you haven't dropped. It was true for me last time! And I'm totally excited that you're going to be having that baby soon...May seems like a long way away sometimes! :) It's not that I hate pregnancy...I just can't wait to meet our next little one! Oh, and that baby book sounds great - LOVE the idea of not having a vaccine page!!!!!

Lena said...

Wow, you are so close... you can have your baby any day now, and you are right, it is much easier to have baby inside of you than outside, when he cries, and doesnt let you sleep a wink the first few nights. God did create everything perfect, long 9 months of waiting, will make any woman ready for the baby, the discomfort of the last months will make any woman agree to sleepless night, as long as she gets her body back... huh? Well you are almost there, so enjoy your sleep, and quiet because before you know it the little one will arrive and there goes your sleep....;)

Helen said...

If the pink shirt picture is the newest one, then yeppers, I'd say you've dropped (and we all know how much experience -I- have in this field!) But the tum-tum looks lower than it used to, so I'll go with that.

If you don't WebCam, at least stick a camera with a kid and get some good pictures for us! Not that I really wanna see your hoohaw or anything, but this whole deal IS pretty exciting and all :D

Darcel said...

At least your close to the end. I'm not even to the halfway point yet! YOu do look like you've dropped some. Can't wait to read your birth story.

mountain mama said...

oh man, the last few weeks are the toughest...hang in there!!! it's so hard to remember to enjoy being prego but it is a miracle!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yup, looks like you have dropped. I've been without internet for over a month but have it once again so I will soon be updating my blog as well.

Mrs. Stam said...

Yes baby is lower!!! YAY!!! one more step in the right direction!!!! Your fluid is it amniotic liquid (like a slow leak) or just mucus?

Amniotic fluid have a distinct smell!!!

My water broke at 33.3 weeks with our second child and I remember that about 4 days before I was leaking more fluid but not mucus plugs show even when I went in labor at 34 weeks not bloody show! So you might not see it.

Any contraction yet?