Thursday, November 19, 2009

Writer's workshop-A new baby

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Remember that I have changed the prompts this week to reflect Baby Week. To see the original, visit Kat.

The Prompts:

1.) The first Thanksgiving with a new baby.

So far my babies have been almost a year old at Thanksgiving. This will be my THIRD baby, in a row, born in January. Or maybe I'll get lucky and it will be born in December.

2.)Describe the most destructive thing your baby has done.

Destroy my nipples with their iron sucking grip. (Can I say nipples on my blog?)

3.) Describe in 1000 words or less when you got pregnant and you knew that life would never be the same.

4.)Write a letter to your child for when they are 13.

I love you. Stop crying and being selfish. I'm just kidding. I wouldn't say that to them. But if you have a 13 year old you know it's true.

5.)Describe a moment you embarrassed your child.

I can't think of a single time. Can you Ashlea? I'm sure she can.


Describe in 1000 words or less when you got pregnant and you knew that life would never be the same.

Telling Jeff when I get pregnant is a very fun and creative time for me. I do not want to just TELL him. I want it to be exciting for him. So I spend a lot of time during that trying to conceive period thinking of ways to tell him (and friends).

So when I got pregnant with Mill, after several months of trying, I was elated. AND frankly, I couldn't believe it. I had waited 14 years for another baby. Had tried for six months or so. Had taken numerous, numerous pregnancy tests, all negative. I couldn't trust this tiny little line.

I took a shower and prayed, asking God that if this was real, to please reveal that to me. And if it wasn't to let me down easy.

My sister had recently told me she was pregnant. It hurt so much. I had so many feelings about it. I wanted to be happy for her, but anyone who has been trying for a while knows, it's not always easy. Especially when someone else's circumstances aren't...well shall we say...hmmm...different than our own. (Was that tactful enough?)

I began planning and thinking and praying and planning and thinking and praying..and I was pretty much driving myself insane!

So I drove to the store and got another test and took it. I had to know FOR SURE.


But even then I was still so surprised that I couldn't believe it. I have a group of girlfriends online (hey, ladies!) who are always supportive. So I snapped a picture of my pee stick (should buy stock in this stuff) and sent it to them...begging someone to see the tiny little line.

Oddly enough, I wasn't crazy. Okay, so yes, I was definitely obsessed, but not crazy. Because they told me they could see the line too. I started FREAKING. I was blown away. Pregnant? Pregnant? Pregnant? Pregnant? Yes, that was my thought pattern. That was all I could think about.

Children to me: Mom, can we have a snack?

Me in my mind: Pregnant?

Outwardly: Huh?

Children to me: Mom, can we play outside?

Me in my mind: Pregnant?

Outwardly: Huh?

You get me. It was all I could think about.

That night just happened to be our date night and it just happened to be the premiere of the last Star Wars movie. (Which is why Millicent would have been Obadiah had she been a get it? Obie.)

We ate at the mall at Chik Fil A. I stuck that nasty old pee stuck under some napkins while Jeff was getting our food from the front.

He sat down and didn't see it, and my heart was beating ninety thousand beats a second and at any moment I knew I would explode and start screaming...


But I maintained. Finally he grabbed a napkin and out tumbled the stick.

Now, Jeff is seriously the smartest man I've ever met. He can remember anything you ask him to; he knows the answer to every question; he can learn something in minutes. He's smart, people. But when that stick came tumbling out his first thought was that someone forgot to clean the tables. He was grossed out. (And yes, he KNEW we were trying to conceive.) But then his senses came back to him....after like, oh, an eternity. He looked over at me and I was just smiling.

Finally he asked me and I said yes...and it was a good thing because I was about to BUST!!! Seriously lose a gut.

But still...we weren't sure. We took another! This time we got the pregnant, not pregnant, digital kind. (AFTER watching Star Wars, of course.) PREGNANT! And we finally rested and knew. Well I already knew.

As the months went by we wondered how our little family would change. How everyone would accept the new baby. Where and how it would come. Would we be able to adapt and be better parents. SO many thoughts.

Nothing could prepare us.

Millicent was born perfectly, and was perfect. What a joy she is to us. Our lives have changed infinitely and we are blessed because of her.


Kara said...

Love this story!! I loved how you told him that you were/are pregnant with lil "Apple Dumpling"... It was so neat to be there for that. You guys are awesome!!!

foxy said...

What a super sweet story! Love it... thanks for sharing. :)

Mom's Place said...

Such a sweet story!

Mom's Place said...

I gave you an award ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the napkin part. Thanks for sharing the story.

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I loved this story. I took 3 home tests (was so excited, I was sure they were wrong and my body was just messing with me). All 3 positive, went to the student health center (I was a non-traditional college senior at 26 years old), they got a postitive test, then went to the midwife at my clinic, and I asked if they needed to do a test to make sure, and they were so sweet "if 4 tests say your pregnant, your pregnant"...some of the greatest words I have ever heard.

Oh, to answer your question, no more kids for me, which was hard for me to accept at first, but I had an ovary mass, benign thank God...and would be a high risk pregnancy d/t some protein in my blood that affects clotting...I am so thankful for the 2 children that I have.

Helen McGinn said...

How lovely! I'm so happy for you...and more since then, by the looks of things! xx

Claremont First Ward said...

I'm cracking up here. My first three children are born in January. My twins were due in January, although they came in November.........:)

Date Girl said...

What a sweet story! I already think about how I might tell my future husband we are pregnant. I think it would be so fun to come up with a creative way of doing it. I'm pretty sure I'll just be too excited to contain myself though and just start shouting I'm pregnant! :-)

Stacey said...

That's a beautiful story! Now I'd love to hear the rest of your story :)

Mrs. Stam said...

I never told my husband that I was pregnant!!! He is the one who is always telling me, No need to take a test you are PREGGO!!!!

Well I guess puking every 5 minutes shortly after conception, (2 weeks before periods are due) give it away a bit!!!

Mrs. Stam said...

Ps I posted my baby #3 10 weeks belly pictures and I'm getting very big you'll see!!!!