Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Showers of Babies

Who doesn't love a wedding or a baby shower? You don't? Weird! So except for you, who doesn't? Everyone else does.

I have talked to friends who only get one baby shower per lifetime. Others, like me, get a shower with each baby. I've often wondered if it's regional. I'm in the south, in the Bible belt, where everything and anything is a celebration and an opportunity to eat. A shower is just another fellowship. My friends have begun talking about what I want. I specifically requested no gifts last time and instead they gave me a money tree. (I bought some diapers and a double stroller.) But this time, REALLY, I have every possible thing a mom could need. So I've asked that they make me food....and of course, don't hesitate to come over those first few weeks and help out over here. I'll have five little ones, three under the age of four.

Showers come in so many options. I am interested to find out how they translate in different areas, so please share.

My favorite type of shower is the food and game shower. Lots of good food, of course. Plus lots of games like:

How many times will the toilet paper go around the pregnant mom?

How many jelly beans in the bottle?

Can't say baby. (This one always gets me.)

Here is a really fun website, Baby Shower 101, with tons of ideas for all aspects of the shower.

Then of course, the mom-to-be opens a bazillion presents, which, come on! Everyone loves. Cute baby things? Pink dresses, blue socks, soft blankets. I'm zoning out on it now.

An alternative to the traditional baby shower is a Blessing Way. It's very different than a shower. It's geared towards celebrating the mother herself, instead of showering her with gifts.

Some activities at a Blessing Way:

Painting the baby belly with henna

All the women stand in a circle. Take a long piece of string around the circle, encircling each woman's wrist. Then once it's gone all the way around, cut it to make bracelets. This reminds each friend to pray for the pregnant mom throughout the coming weeks.

Everyone gets a candle. When the mom goes into labor everyone lights their candle and uses it as a reminder to pray for her and the baby while they labor. (Who wouldn't love knowing all the people that care about her, are at that very moment, lifting her up in prayer!!!!)

Everyone bring some piece of nature to symbolize birth or nursing or some aspect of pregnancy.

Write a note, poem, a verse or anything to give to the mother to be. (HOW SPECIAL!!!)

Here are some additional suggestions for a Blessing Way. Amazon also has Blessing Way books.

I think I would like a mix of both...I LOVE games but also want to be pampered and remembered in these ways.

What about you? Tell us about how showers are handled in your neck of the woods. Have you ever heard of a Blessing Way? What would you like for your shower? What are your favorite shower games? Food?


LifeMoreSimply said...

In my area (upstate NY), we tend to do showers for people for their first of each gender. I've never heard of a Blessing Way but LOVE the idea and am going to research it since I'm planning showers for two of my sisters right now! Thanks for sharing!

McVal said...

Cute ideas! We're thinking about throwing a baby shower for my sister who is expecting #14. It's been several babies since she's had one and could probably use new things.

Mom's Place said...

Love the ideas!!!!

I have only ever had 1 shower, for #4. Wish I had one for each of my babies. I think all babies should be celebrated!

Misty M. said...

I had a shower for #1 and not #2, but now we are at a different church and they give showers for every baby. I think that is wonderful, what better excuse for a party! They are throwing me one this weekend. (a little early because of the holidays coming up) I am thiking of bringing some index cards and asking everyone for their baby name ideas, just for fun.
The girl whose shower I went to a few weeks ago had her baby today. I think that the candle idea you mentioned is a wonderful idea!

adrienzgirl said...

I am in the South too. We do seem to have showers for each baby down here. I like food, fellowship and games. Guess the candy bar is always a fun one. You microwave candy bars and put them in the diapers. They look like poop, and it is fun to watch all the ladies sniffing the diapers to see if they can figure out what candy bar that used to be!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That's so awesome! I'd love a shower with every baby!!! LUCKY! Maybe I'll move there. :) Usually people give you 2 showers for each sex of baby you have. If you've had 3 girls and are about to have a boy, *maybe* someone will take pity on you and throw you a shower. Maybe.