Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pregnancy update...28ish weeks

Three months to go! Whew, when you say it like that it seems like a really long time. However, when you say twelve weeks it seems a lot closer. So there we go...only twelve weeks left.

Still loving being pregnant. I'm not one of those types of pregnant women who start wishing it was over at month seven. (You know who you are!) I love month seven. No, I don't generally get miserable and ready to have the baby until a few weeks before I'm due. (I don't know the actual date this time because I've forbidden anyone to tell me so that I DON'T get antsy.) I know the REAL work begins when the baby comes. And while the payoff is a snuggly, little newborn, they are work. And all the work increases because ALL the little ones suddenly want to be held even more than normal and you only have two hands and two breasts. Since I wont be tandem nursing this time I only need one breast which is also part of the problem. Nursing the toddler while the newborn eats makes everything easier!

I get chiropractic care regularly, especially when I'm pregnant and I get massages once a month during the pregnancy. I went yesterday. OH HEAVEN. If you are pregnant and not getting maternity massages, I recommend it. There are so many benefits, the least of which is just feeling nice. Remember I talked about the pelvic pain I had a while back? (It somehow just went away on it's own.) Massage will make it so much more bearable, if not completely make it go away. My therapist has an awesome move that takes the pain away.

My lower back has begun hurting though. Proof that I am feeling this pregnancy. I don't usually feel lower back pain because of the chiro and massages. But I do feel a lot better since the massage. I didn't shave my legs, for those who wondered. She didn't mind. At least that she would admit.

My breasts are achy! I"m so happy! See, I've had low milk with my last two babies, so when my breasts get achy and burny and hurty, it gives me hope that I'll be able to breastfeed this baby. I'll have to do another post soon on that...but I can let you know that I will do just about anything, go to any extreme, to breastfeed. I'm incredibly committed.

I've been having more Braxton Hicks. Which I also love. Even a few "real" contractions here and there. Again, I love them. (But, no, I don't want someone to punch me...different kind of pain there.) I like knowing my body is beginning to do the work of labor. I like labor! (But not a broken leg, that is a different kind of pain.)

We are extremely curious to know if we are having twins. We want twins. Two for one, come on. Everyone likes a good deal. But as I mentioned, I don't want a sonogram and that is pretty much the only definitive way to tell. So for all you mommy's of twins...how did you know prior to the sono?

I've been feeling ultra tired and exhausted. (And no they aren't the same thing. See, tired means I'm sleepy and can't get enough sleep. Exhausted means I can't do anything because I have no energy. Aren't you glad for the Michelle vocab lesson?) Not the first trimester, I think I must have cancer, I am so unbelievably tired I can't even get off the couch, tired. But nonetheless tired. I've gotten dizzy a few times. And for no reason, I'll break out in a sweat and need to sit down. My heart beats fast. It's quite yuck. So as I prayed and wondered what could be going on God kept saying to me, iron, iron. So for about two weeks now, I have been feeling increasingly tired, sleepy, yucky. I started researching low iron and sure enough, everything I was feeling can be caused by low iron. (We UP...which is an easy way to say we do our own prenatals. I trust my body and I believe God will guide us. It's not for everyone, I'll be the first to admit. But I LOVE it. No pressure to get unnecessary tests. No pressure to induce early or follow their time lines. Just a relaxing, refreshing pregnancy to enjoy.)

I have done nothing to prepare for this baby. Poor baby will have to wear just a diaper since I haven't bothered to get out any clothes. I have some. I just haven't done a thing to prepare. Poor baby.

My nose! My nose is already widening. Does anyone else get this? It's wide to begin with so it really doesn't seem fair, if you ask me. But there you go. Getting wider.

So I guess that's it. As always I had more to say but then my prego brain stops working and I can't remember all of it.

How are you? Where are you in your pregnancy?

Trying to conceive? Are you following all my wonderful (stolen) advice? Keep at it...it's at least more fun than half the pregnancy.


Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I so miss being pregnant! I wasn't "over it" until I was 38 weeks, so I'm with you! Months 7-9 were my fave because I actually looked and felt pregnant. :)

Mrs. Stam said...

I'm about 5 1/2 weeks along and been having those all day sickness (I mean ALL day and night) But feel very bless by it (We loss our one little blessing a few months ago)SO Morning sickness is good but not fun!!!!

My nose and upper back both gets wider around the seven months ( I look like I'm a football player before I give birth to those little one hahaha) but I does not last I get to my normal shape soon after birth ( I think that it a way for me to get more air in my lungs)I'm all leg and short torso so baby take all the room making it hard to breath sometimes.

Glad to read that things are all well :-)

Helen said...

...wait a second here... You're NOSE gets bigger during pregnancy?

They left THAT one out of "What to Expect...".

Glad to hear that you're feeling relatively awesome and that you're still enjoying it. But a question: couldn't a midwife feel whether or not there are two babies, even without an ultrasound?

Misty M. said...

Well, I am 28ish weeks too...

I am right there with you on the iron. I have had such low energy recently and I know I usually have to go on supplemental iron tablets about this time, so I am pretty sure it is the iron. I am hoping I don't have to have the ones they prescribe at my dr. though, they are like horse pills and I hate them!

I have tremendous problems with my hip and pelvic joints. I wish a chiropracter was something I would get, but I am pretty sure it isn't available for me. I just grit my teeth and plow through. I know it goes away as soon as the baby comes, it just makes cleaning and taking care of the other two really difficult, specially the bigger I get.

I don't have any clothes ready yet either. I don't have the babies room ready... (that is because hubby has to have his stuff moved out of the computer room and I have to wait for him to help) I don't even have a crib ready because my daughter is still in hers and my sons is missing it's hardware so I need to order replacement parts. $30 for 4 screws and 2 steel pins.

Thanks for the update! I love hearing about how things are going!


ps Can't they hear more than one heartbeat if it is twins? I thought that was the way they could tell without U/S.

Beverly said...

You look beautiful!

Mom's Place said...

I don't get the "I'm done" feeling until about 2 weeks before I have my kiddos. With #5 that happened about 4 1/2 weeks before I had him. I typically go 2 weeks early and he was 2 days late! Got to love due dates! Uggh!!!

I had major issues with fatigue. I ended up eating protein bars to help me out (that was after iron sups didn't help).

You look Fantastic BTW!

Unknown said...

I am 10 weeks and seeing the doctor on Thursday. Have been horribly nauseous, threw up for the first time this morning and am the kind of tired you talk about above. However, with all of that I am incredibly thrilled and blessed to be feeling all of this. Ok, the puking not so much, but still, pregnancy is a blessing!

You are looking fabulous my dear!

EMILY G. said...

I love it! you look wonderful!! and i might have to try that for my next pregnancy... the one i hope to have... eventually... not knowing an exact due date, i got sooo antsy towards the end of my pregnancy with my son... it was horrible!! but i LOVE being pregnant nothing better then feeling them move around inside you knowing you allways have someone to talk to that your not alone... thanks for sharing!!

Okie Rednecks said...

You look wonderful!!! I am still working on the quilt but knowing that I won't get it done by Saturday, when we are having her shower, I am doing a cute sampler. I need to take a picture and put it up on my blog after the shower. You could see what you think ( if it is as good as a quilt!). Hope you continue to feel better!

Anonymous said...

I am 21 weeks and I feel great. I'm enjoying this time, because I remember the second trimester being the most comfortable while still feeling the baby and looking pregnant! I have trouble with my hips, lower back, and pelvic area as well. I'm hoping with regular chiropractic care it won't be too unbearable. I've noticed that when I'm on my feet too much or not wearing supportive shoes, is the worst. I'm hoping for a vaginal delivery this time around, but I'm looking into other doctors. My current OB refuses to even attempt it. You are expecting in January then?

Helen said...

Lol, yes I need you, who else would tell me all the things about pregnancy I'm not expecting to hear?

Like noses O.o

Jill said...

Michelle, be careful with your iron! With Zack I almost had to had a transfusion it was so low. It ran low with all four kids, and it does make you feel drained. I would sometimes black out almost completly, which is not safe for mommy or baby. If it gets bad I reccomend finding foods to supplement or take an iron supplement with your prenatals...I did both to be safe. Vitamin C is also an agent that absorbs iron...take it when you take iron or eat iron rich foods! Just be careful!!

Also, with Sam I was SO tired...stragely tired...I thought something was bad wrong with me. All I could think about was sleeping...lol. It eventually got better towards the end! Figures...

Andrea said...

I get all those symptoms you mentioned SOOOO bad without an iron supplement when I'm pregnant. The iron makes it better...though nothing quite takes away the tired/lack of energy feeling some days. :) You look great by the way...and I'm thrilled to see someone who actually WANTS twins! haha. Every time I tell someone that I want to have twins they either look at me like I'm nuts or they tell me I'm nuts!! But really...I'm not. :)