Monday, October 12, 2009

My big complaint for the day

Do you miss me?

Check YES or NO.

I miss you.

Do you wish I had my computer back to working status?

Check YES or NO.

I do.

I feel weird talking to you after all this time.

It's like when you've seen an old friend and you don't know whether to hug them, because once upon a time you were great friends, but that's been a long time; or to kiss them on the cheek because that used to be your best friend but could be pretty awkward now; or to shake their hands because even though you guys spent every Saturday together at the movies you haven't seen her in a while; or to just say hey, and move on. AWKWARD!

What I really want is for my computer cord to come in so I can start blogging every day again.

You want to hear me complain? NO??? Too bad.

I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom. Do you know what that means? It means I am AT HOME. A LOT. It means that most days the only outside contact I get is on the computer. That I blog and get lovely comments from other adults and then get to read their blogs and they entertain me. It means all my friends talk on a yahoo group that gives me adult stimulation. (YUCK! Not that kind.) It means I get to go to facebook and see what everyone is doing.

So what's the opposite of that? NOT having a computer to do those things with. So, yeah, I'm sick of not having a computer.

Someone loan me theirs.

And while you are at record Survivor for me.

I should be back in a few days to discuss my pregnancy (you know you are dying to hear my updates), Survivor (OH MY GOODNESS how I love that CRAZY Russell), and give a random update (my husband is leaving me...but he'll be back).

I also really, really, really want to visit and comment on all the people who have commented in the last few weeks. I'll make it soon.

I'm just waiting on that cord.


The Redhead Riter said...

I loved being a stay at home mom and really miss it even though my daughter is much older. Nothing like being your own boss!

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

OMG, no PC, Aarrrhhfhfh! Consider it a break on your terms, not the PC's!!! and don't worry, the big bad world of blogs ain't goin nowhere!

Lisa Anne said...

I'd go crazy with out a computer or the internet. I don't know how I ever did without it before.

Mom's Place said...

YES! I miss you! I look forward to your blogs!

Helen said...

We miss you! All of us... and that's a whole lot!

Come back to us! :)

Unknown said...

Missing you and hoping for your cord to arrive soon!

foxy said...

I checked yes to both of those things, just so you know! ;)

No worries on this end... we'll pick up right where we left off when you're back (come over here and give me a hug, dang it)!!

Oh - and I am loving that Russell too... haven't done a post about him yet, but i intend to eventually. From the previews, i didn't really think I'd like him, but i do. I totally think he's going all the way to the end.

adrienzgirl said...

We won't make it awkward for you, honest. We just pretend you are still here, most of have imaginary friends so really we just imagine you are still with us! See you soon!


The Royal Family said...

I just gave you an award be sure to check it out. And enter my giveaways if you haven't already!!!

The Buzz, Brandy

Anonymous said...

of course we all miss you, silly girl.