Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twilight, please get out of my dreams

HOLY CROW! Twilight is amazing. I spent my vacation reading the first three books. Who knew when you don't have to cook three meals a day, clean up after four VERY messy children, and homeschool all morning that you can read about half a book a day.

You may wonder why it has taken me so long to jump on the Twilight bandwagon. Several reasons. I have mentioned in previous posts that God convicted me a long time ago to be cautious about the books I read. So vampires, witches, and living forever were out when I was a new Christian. But recently I feel I've been given the freedom to read the books that I previously had stayed away from.

Two, I don't really like gore and death and chaos when I read a book unless it's real gore and death and chaos....like when a little boy gets abused by his mom. Now THAT'S okay to read.

Thirdly, I thought it was a teenager book. And since my husband constantly made fun of it and pretty much forbid me from reading it, I didn't even care that I was missing it. I somehow convinced him that I wouldn't turn into a 13 year old overnight so he relaxed...but not without a lot of ribbing.

So back to what I was saying. HOLY CROW!

This is my favorite book. Yes, I realize it's a series, but I can't pick just one. I've slept, eaten, dreamt, thought, wondered, agonized over the last book. I put it on hold at the library. And then, oh blessed relief, a good friend said I could borrow her book. All of a sudden I feel calmer.

Let me tell you what I really liked about these books. (I don't intend to put any spoiler information, for the last remaining human who hasn't read this book, but I will say some specific things about the book, that will NOT ruin it.)

I love that Bella and Edward are waiting to have sex. How often does that happen in a book? I know the reasons may not be all pure but they are waiting and that's important. Teenagers everywhere can see how nice it really can be to wait. I like that!

Stephanie Meyers took a great deal of time to really form these characters. Over the course of the books we get to know each and every character inside and out. We really understand their motivations and their history. At one point Edward talks about how he doesn't have a soul and how he will go to hell. Which proves that he believes in the existence of God. Oddly a book about vampires talking about God fits the characters quite well. I realize these things come from her own worldview. But I like that she interspersed these things in her book.

The intensity and suspense in these books will drive you to stay up into the wee hours of the night waiting to find out what happens. I can't think of a single book that I've read lately with this level of suspense. Not cheesy suspense either. These books are phenomenal.

There is obvious right and wrong in the book. She doesn't make vampires seem like this wholly romantic idea. She really gets in deep about their struggles.

What I didn't like:

It left me with some questions. One in particular didn't get answered until the very end of the third book. Why was Edward not able to use his powers on Bella, along with the Volturi, but Jasper and Alice were? That did NOT make sense to me. Evidently many of her readers had the same question because it got answered. Not sure how much I like it though. I'm hoping that area will get a little more developed in the last book.

Why would Edward fall in love with Bella? He's this amazingly perfect looking, immortal who falls for an average looking human. Why would he? What would he see in her with perfection all around him? Okay, I get it. Love sees in the heart? Love looks beyond the face? I get it. But really? Would he really have fallen for her?

I have to know who Jacob is going to imprint. Because, come on, he's GOT TO.

Can Edward have children? Would Bella actually consider giving that up? Maybe I'm a fool, being that I love children so much, but NO WAY possible would I give up that human experience. If the book hadn't been written I'd be screaming at Bella not to let Edward take that away from her.

Lastly, does Edward poop?


JennyMac said...

I am one of the few who is not up on Twilight!

Yara said...

well... it's about flippin time!
I'm in love with a fictional character <3
And... hurry up and read the last book. I give you two days, tops, if you are gonna read slowly. Come on Michelle, sleep is for the weak. Read it.
Seriously, get off the computer, you have a book to read.

Amy McBride said...

Love the new pics on the beach. I cant wait to hear all about your trip.

Haven't read the books. Saw the movie, it was just okay.

EMILY G. said...


Unknown said...

LOL, I love the series too Michelle but still have to read the 3rd book. It has been a while since I finished the 2nd, so I'm thinking I may just have to read all three again, since they are such quick reads. I didn't read them right away because I had the same thoughts you did being a Christian. I think God needs us to get the right/wrong cleared up before He gives us license (via the Holy Spirit) to just read for pure enjoyment while still being able to discern. I, for one am glad He did!

Helen said...

All I can say is READ THE FOURTH BOOK!

All the answers to your questions are there, with the possible exception of a pooping Edward.

And then, once you've read the 4th book, go watch the movie with the fact in mind that it is, after everything else, a MOVIE and to make it a good movie sometimes requires a little creativity and veering off from the book. Otherwise the whole experience of it will be ruined.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hahahaha, your comments really made me laugh!!! I have only read the first 2 and even then I could barely finish the 2nd book, it bugged me so bad! I hated the whole thing. I think they're such a weird couple!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you just wait and see who he imprints on!!! JUST WAIT! You won't believe it!

I love these books, but be forewarned...you may go into slight withdrawl when you end the series, maybe even into a slight depression! Just kidding, but it really is dissapointing to see the story end.

Misty M. said...

LOL! I loved the series too. I am also very picky about the kinds of books I read. I wouldn't have read anything about vampires or gore, but I finally started noticing that friends of mine who are usually like-minded were claiming to love the books. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series a few years ago, and the best part was sharing it with my husband and discussing it all the way. This time, I had no idea he would really read it but after telling him about the first few chapters, he jumped in too. (but he doesn't read, only listens to books on cd) so I ended up having to wait for him to catch up with each book before moving on to the next. It was worth it however, to be able to discuss our theories! lol
I was very skeptical that the last book could be good enough to wrap up the first three.. have no fear. It delivers! and to quote a friend about the last book and she was absolutely right- at least at one part- "You won't believe what you are reading!" lol

ItsKelly said...

I recently jumped on the Twilight band wagon... half way through New Moon now. I find myself waking up early (5am) to get some reading in before work!

Anonymous said...

I'm that one remaining person on the planet who has not read them. My friend's daughter handed me her copy and begged me to read it. I made her a deal: I'd read Twilight if she'd commit to reading Gone with the Wind.

So I'll dive in ... as soon as I finish Gabaldon's Echo in the Bone coming out next week.

Brittnie said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! READ Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!

Dame Nuisance said...

Edward does not eat, ergo, Edward does NOT poop. Or fart. The perfect man.

As for Edward's attraction to Bella, remember we're getting Bella's take on her looks, not Edward's or the other boys who go ga-ga for her. She can't see her own beauty. Plus, Edward's attraction is also influenced by her smell. She must smell better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie to him.

Stopping by from Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom!

My Baby Sweetness said...

Stopping by from SITs!

I got hooked on Twilight too - even read the last book draft online and just finished her other book, The Host. Despite having a grad degree, I'm almost up to an 11th grade reading level now...