Monday, September 21, 2009

Pregnancy update....22ish weeks is my best guess

vacation...I must see a lobster or something

So, I'm somewhere around 22 weeks. I really don't pay much attention because I know I still have a lot of time left on my sentence. When January rolls around I'll be much more excited. I don't hold stock on due dates though. I know babies come when they come. No one is going to induce me because they think the baby is suppose to be here. (That is baring any emergencies like pre eclampsia. Which, off-hand, is really the ONLY emergency I can think of that would require being induced. I'm sure there are one or two more that I can't think of right now though. Post dates, still, is not it.)

I wish I had something to complain about right now at this stage of my pregnancy, because I know my misery entertains you, but alas, I do not. I'm wonderful.

Let's pelvic pain, no migraines (mostly), no nausea, not terribly tired. Yep, just doing great.

The baby is moving. Although, frankly, this baby is lazy. I promise not to tell it if you promise. It moves around at normal times, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, when I'm watching TV after the others are in bed, first thing in the morning. All the normal times. But it only moves around for a few minutes then back to sleep. Which is weird because Asa pretty much moved non stop and Millicent almost as much. Poor sleepy baby. Yea, for sleep deprived mom.

I'm hot. No this isn't a complaint. Okay, yes it is. I'm very very very very hot. I've never been so hot in my entire life. NEVER. It's still warm outside but the days are cooling off. And wherever I am or whatever I am doing, I am sweating. The air is on 71 and it never comes on because it's cooler than that outside and I"M HOT. I'm so HOT. I cannot wait for the snow because I think I'm just going to go lay in it. I have no idea how I will blog from the snow but I'll figure it out once my temperature drops 10 degrees.

I don't smell putrid any more. Which is odd because of all the sweat...but nice for my family.

For those of you who watched my blood pressure creep up last pregnancy and worried with and for's doing great so far. Perfect, if I can say so. And I can because who's going to stop me. Well, Jeff, but he won't. So yeah, I'm going with that. I'm praying for my homebirth this time!

So far I have done nothing to get ready for this pregnancy. I did buy some new clothes, FOR ME. Because the alternative is having Jeff look upstairs in the attic, when it was 100 degrees up there. So hey, just buy new clothes. Eventually he will have to go up there though because my favorite winter shirt is there. I haven't gotten anything else out. Haven't sorted baby clothes, haven't gone through diapers. HAVEN'T ORDERED any new diapers. (We cloth our newborns.) Haven't gotten out the birth kit or checked on the pool. Do we just get lazy after the second child?

We have found a boys name that we like, but sorry, we can't tell you. People get really upset about names. My family has actually told us they didn't like the names we were thinking of. So we keep it a secret. No one will say to us, after the baby is born...MILDRED? You named the baby Mildred? That's a terrible name for a baby. No, they'll say, she looks just like a Mildred. Oops, gave the name away. KIDDING. No Mildred's here.

I'm grateful I have a lot more energy than before but I am not back up to speed and I get tired out very easily.

Am I having twins? I don't use the ultrasound technology all willy nilly. In fact, I don't use it all. I'm not sure of the safety of it, frankly. Fifty years ago, they thought X-rays were safe for pregnant women. AND...the Bible talks about knitting us together in the SECRET PLACE. So I think I'll let it stay secret. (If you are interested in reading any of the studies on ultrasound safety, let me know and I'll see if I can dig some up.) So all that to say, I may be surprised on my birth day! Then again, I may realize that I'm just too old to be having another baby. Nah!

I know there was more I wanted to tell you but I've written a book, all about me, me, me.

Now, how about you, you, you? How are you? Give us a preggo update.

What about your trying to conceive journey? Where are you in that? Need support or prayer? Are you in the two week wait? OH THE AGONY. Those are the longest two weeks in the history of the world...until you are actually pregnant and waiting to go into labor and you suddenly realize that waiting those two weeks to find out has nothing on waiting the two weeks till your due date arrives, while you deal with hemorrhoids, potty breaks every thirty minutes, an appetite that cannot be sated, no energy, lack of oxygen because the baby is pushing into your lungs, and leaking from all places that have never leaked before. See, that two week wait sounds easy now, doesn't it?

Please share!

Sept 4, evidently a with a bad taste in my mouth. You can tell I love having pictures of myself taken, huh?


The Royal Family said...

cute pics, but where is your happy smile?
I loved the moving even in the middle of the night, I didn't sleep anyway, Glad mine is all over and my pumpkin is here. keep up the goodwork!

Mama-Dawn said...

If your blood pressure creeps up again (like mine did last time), you can try magnesium. My natural doctor told me that one of the main reasons for bp going up in the third trimester is that the baby needs more calcium, so you are consuming more. But then your body can't absorb as much magnesium from your diet. Anyway, if they are threatening induction, it's worth a try, right?

Unknown said...

I love the pics Michelle! So glad to hear you are feeling well too. Right now I am just looking forward to my first ob appt. on Thursday evening this week. I am really, really hoping to hear a heartbeat too! You think YOU have a long way to go to get to January, try waiting until May. Of course, you have a lot of the waiting behind you. This is my first though (technically) so I will try hard to enjoy every step along the journey!

God bless!

Misty M. said...

I am 24 weeks along with my third (have a 3/12 yr old and a 17month old) and it has taken us this long to come up with a name we like. I love talking about names, but when it is time to name a boy, we come up blank with nothing we can agree on. We too are waiting to tell the name when the baby gets here. That is how we did things with our first son and we relaxed with our daughter and told the name we had picked out, which my MIL promptly turned her nose up at and caused a big scene and ruined the name for me. (I was determined to use it anyway, but over several months I just realized it had lots of negative stuff attached to it now) so we changed it two weeks before she came and are very happy with her current name.
We have only sort of settled on a name for about a week now and already I feel some pressure to share it. But I need to just keep strong. I may share it with a pregnant friend of mine just in case she is thinking of using the same one, but probably she will share first.
Anyway, I'm with you, I am at the one point in the pregnancy where I feel great! Just tired. Pretty soon though, I am sure to get heartburn and pelvic pain and too big to eat, etc.
Might as well enjoy it while we can.
Here's to January though! Looking forward to being able to bend over to put my kids shoes on again!

Tamara Dawn said...

Hey Michelle! Wow - you look great for 6 months along! Not too much longer :)

I am SOOOO done with being preggers! No more kiddos for me!

Hey no word from your hubby and I need his info STAT! Tomorrow is FF day...thanks!

Stacey said...

Well, I'm at 17 1/2 weeks right now. I'm enjoying the little flutters and pokes that this baby gives me, and trying to stay active while it's still nice out.

As for ultrasounds, I'm happy that I get just one. That was how they found my daughter's kidney problem, which helped us save her from a whole lot of infections and pain. We were referred to a specialist when she was a newborn, and she had successful surgery at 15 months old. I think that although they are not proven safe or unsafe for that matter, they are sometimes very useful for diagnosing problems. I have no use for gender prediction :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I usually end up with a scowl or some other horrible expression in my pg pics. I have no idea why. I am doing well. My headaches seem to be somewhat under control. My back and knees are bad, but that is to be expected I guess. I have only gained 5 lbs since my beginning weight with this pg and my belly is still huge. My blood pressure is behaving so far as well.

roadrunner201 said...

Yeay for such a great attitude about pregnancy! You sound like a Bradley mom;-)

ItsKelly said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you are feeling well! You have less than half way to go. :)

I'm about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant now. I'm so crazy happy but also nervous. We lost the last pregnancy at 18 weeks. I'm trying so hard to stay positive, and 99% of the time I am.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy SITS DAY!!!!

Vashti said...

Im stopping by from SITS and I just love your blog. Beautiful family and lots of funny posts!
My hubby and I have been trying for a baby for a couple of years now. Still no joy but 2 adopted babies in the infact LOTS OF JOY!
Please pray that Gods will will be done for us.
God Bless.
Have a wonderful SITS day!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm in the 2ww and I *hate* it. I might as well tell myself now that I didn't get preggo this month so I can just be disappointed now rather than waste 94 preggo tests on a negative result. *sigh* I love your preggo self, you look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am 2 1/2 weeks post partum and there are moments that I miss being pregnant. I love having my baby here but I also miss having her inside moving around. This is our fourth child but first pregnancy for me/us and I am all for doing the whole thing again if that is what God has planned. Hoping it is :)