Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess what I did last night

If you are on my facebook you may have read the other day that Millicent cut her own hair. Now, I claim partial blame for this. Kati got her hair cut the other day and Millicent really wanted a haircut too. But I didn't want to cut her curly locks. I liked them long. I liked that she had almost grown out her bangs.

SO....she comes into the living room the other day and proudly announced that Kati cut her hair. Once I stopped laughing (not so she could see, of course) I asked her WHY WHY WHY she cut her hair.

Her response was that Asa did it. Naturally, I knew that she had done it, and the smirk on her face as she tried to blame it on Asa helped.

Finally she told me that she wanted a haircut and that is why she cut her hair.

When she brought her hair in to show me, there was a MASSIVE amount of clipped hair.

So here we were last night. Beautiful, long, curly (though not many in this picture) hair.

And here we are post-Mill cut. You can see the mullet shape she was going for.

And here we are after the haircut last night. I KNOW it's cute. That's not the point.
The point is that I HAD to cut it and I loved her hair. Now back to growing the bangs out.
Asa has M & M residue on his face, in case you were wondering.

And because Kori was super excited about Mill's hair...yep, her LONG hair had to go. I really don't know what overcame her. She's always talking about growing it out to her pants line and beyond.

Look how happy she is to get it cut. See? This was not my idea either.

And here we go. No shorter than her shoulders, she asked.

Today she has it in a really cute headband. I really like it.

So sometimes we do things we don't want to do and like it anyway. Guess this was one of those times.

Anybody else do DIY haircuts? A haircutting book would be fun. I'd like to try some new things out.

And this ones just for fun. Though he did get a haircut on Sunday from Daddy.


Anonymous said...

How funny! My youngest used his brothers electric razor once to give himself a reverse mowhawk! We couldn't shave it as short as he had it, so he looked like a cancer patient for a season. Then one day he was all muddled up because he didn't a hair cut when his brother did (even though he'd had his a week before). I found some pretty golden locks in the bathroom later that day! What are they trying to do to us!:)LOL

Unknown said...

Well, at least it ended well, right? And hair does always grow back, but you do have to wonder what causes them to do this!

I never cut my own hair, but did do quite a bit of hair cutting with my Barbies and other dolls growing up. Unfortunately, most of them were beyond repair and did not look nearly as pretty as Millicent does here!

Stephanie Faris said...

I think her hair looks great...but it could be worse. When I was little my mom was taking care of my little sister when I came up behind her. I said, "I'm going to cut your hair" and she said, "Okay," thinking I was just going to use my fingers and pretend. She didn't realize I'd somehow gotten a hold of some scissors until too late. I cut a huge chunk out of her long, beautiful hair! (It was the 70s so long hair was a must...)

Lisa Anne said...

When I was little my mom babysat a little girl with super long beautiful hair. One day behind the dining room table I cut here hair off. My mom had to call her friend to fix it, she ended up with an above the shoulder short bob. Of course her mom was very upset. I was a kid though you know i guess it happens. LOL

Her hair does look cute, but I feel you on how she had the pretty curls.

Helen said...

I was about 7 or so when I decided, I wanted bangs. My hair had always been all one length and at least to my waist, probably a little longer. But I had seen girls at school with bangs so I wanted some too, so I very carefully combed my hair just right and snipped off the front over my eyes. My mother was furious... but it looked fine, so there was nothing she could do. I got it cut to my shoulders for 4th grade but other than that, my mom was the one that trimmed just the ends of my hair every few weeks until I graduated high school... and then I got it cut short (short for me was just above my shoulders) and layered

Kelly said...

I do all of our haircuts. Including my own. My husbands is easy, because I just shave it. But Grifyns is hard because he likes this long skater boy hair. I wound up having to shave his in July because I messed it up. He's still trying to grow it back out.

countryfriedmama said...

Well, that must have been shocking, but it IS cute.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I hope you'll come back and visit again!

Amy McBride said...

You did an amazing job! I can cut boys hair but not so great with girls. I always get chewed out by hair dressers when I cut my own hair.

Oh, by the way I actually posted something on my blog, so check it out. It still needs work and I am still going to need your help. Maybe we can get together later this week or next week. Just let me know what works for you.

Yara said...

she does look cute, but man, *I* miss her long curls!

tori said...

I cut my hair when I was little but I ended up cutting so much off it was difficult to fix. I looked awful for a while (like a boy with a really bad haircut!)

Jennifer said...

She looks so cute - both girls do! Luckily it wasn't any worse and it was fixable :)

Your Eldest said...

Oh no mother!!! I can NOT believe you cut off all her hair.. I just. I'm stunned. I can't believe it. I think I'ma cry.