Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Blog Post

1. I have a lot of new followers. It's exciting. I think some have left too. I wonder why? Am I boring? Did I offend you? Am I too risque for you with all my baby pictures and talk of trying to conceive? Yea, so not that. But since it all happened in just a few days I wasn't sure who went where. Usually I send a welcome email and visit your blog right away, but I'm too confused. (You'll see quickly that that's a normal state for me.) SOOOOO....if you are new to following my blog consider this your welcome email:

Hi! I noticed you are following my blog (even though I might not have noticed). Thanks. I look forward to getting to know you. The best way for that to happen is for you to comment often, and not because I covet comments. No, this is all about you. If you comment often, I remember to go to your blog and read your posts. And we become friends. Then I'll invite you over to our next party, which is in October. I know you'll likely decline because I live in Oklahoma and you don't, but isn't it the thought that counts?

2. I've been getting a lot of comments. A LOT. SO many that I haven't replied to any in days and days. I don't even know how many days. I am not ignoring you. Asa is. I blame Asa. Here is why:

All day yesterday whenever Asa was near me, he wanted me to hold, rock and pat him. Tried typing lately while rocking? Not an easy task.

SOOOOO.....if you've emailed me lately or commented:

Thanks for the nice comment. I agree. I AM beautiful. How sweet of you to notice.

I really will try to get back to any questions or comments that deserve, I mean, need a response. And I will try to visit some of your blogs soon. Please forgive Asa.

3. Speaking of Asa. OH MY GOODNESS, go play.

4. Our church is amazing. We had a man join our church after coming out of prison (and he doesn't mind me saying this). He started a recovery group for the community and especially for people coming out of the jails. We've only been able to go to a couple because it's late in the evening and we have kids who NEED sleep. (NEED, people.) But we got to go last night and it was amazing. God is really working in our community and using our church. HOW BLESSED we are to be a part of it.

5. Another big blessing this week is that I get to go out to eat and to the movies with some friends. We are going to see Time Travelers Wife. You are invited...but I do live in Oklahoma.

6. Yesterday was a supremely stressful and frustrating day. No, no, really. I want you to feel this with here you go:

Mom to anonymous child (so as not to embarrass her): Give Kati your spoon.

Anon child gives Kati a spoonful.


Kati to anon child: Have you soon my copywork book.

Anon child: No

Kati after looking for 20 minutes for copywork book: Are you sure you haven't seen my copywork book?

Anon child: I've seen your copywork book but not your copywork notebook. Here it is.


Another (different) anonymous child, when asked by dad if she finished all her schoolwork told him yes, emphatically. When asked a few minutes later by mom in DETAIL about each particular item assigned to her that day, also said yes.

When asked to check said assignments 30 minutes later suddenly remembered that she had not, after all, finished all assignments and was just now remembering that. Coincidentally, she happened to remember at the exact moment mom wanted to check work. How's that for a coincidence?

And yes, the day was more stuff just like that. I could go on but I think you get my angst. Too many days like that and a mom snaps.

7. I really wanted a Dr. Pepper yesterday but settled for water. (Can't imagine why I would want to soak away my misery with sugar.)

8. I really wanted a Dr. Pepper yesterday but someone made some delicious chocolate cookies at church last night. That helped.

9. As I was getting into bed with Millicent last night (and really wanting a Dr. Pepper...and hey, it's better than crack), Asa came into the bedroom saying hugs, hugs, hugs. It melted my heart. He had his arms out to me and the cutest little look on his face. He had never asked for a hug before.

DEEP SIGH. THAT is what made the whole rest of the day doable.

Thank you, Lord, for little blessings.


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hey, I love that TTC talk!!! We're jumping on that boat in a few weeks...EEEEK!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Oklahoma! I think large families are great. :)

~visits from SITS

tori said...

just checking in this am. very funny post. gotta love them kids. I wish I could come to OK and go to TTW loved the book. Did you read it?

The Royal Family said...

never been to OK I think i'll visit someday. Love that pic at the end, how stinking adorable!!!

Glad things are busy time flies faster for preggo women when it's busy... just keep your head.. i've lost mine let me know if you find an extra.

Stephanie Faris said...

He's just adorable.

I've found that followers come and go and it's best not to even watch them. Some might delete their accounts. The only time I stop following is if I comment someone's blog regularly but notice she isn't commenting mine anymore. I figure that's time I could spend following someone who gives back. But that may be just me. I have limited time!

Yara said...

I'm with Stephanie.... meaning, if you don't go comment me I'm quitting you.
Just KIDDING! You can NOT get rid of ~insert evil laugh here~
Hugs! Oh what a sweet boy!
Work... done... oh wait it's not... I know what you're talking about. Lisa's work now is 'brush your hair' and 4 blogs later she is STILL not done. (I'm reading blogs not her LOL)
Can't I do every day at Disneyland? That went so much better

Brigetta Schwaiger said...

How do you even know they are not following? I don't even know how to quit following. But, obviously I am following.

Jennifer said...

He he!! You crack me up!!
Enjoy your night out seeing the Time Traveler's Wife. I bet it will be great!

Your Eldest said...

Awe, that's so sweet. What a sweet boy.
You make me laugh to.. But I think I might be laughing more at you.
Not in a mean way! Just cause.. I dunno. You crack jokes and the fact that you do makes me laugh.
Ha. That made no sense. Anyways, I love you.

Mommy Reporter said...

Don't feel bad about some of your followers leaving... I don't have any followers yet, so I think it's best not to worry about it.

Great post!

Kelly said...

You are so funny! :) Don't feel bad about not replying to comments. Totally understandable!

Nicki said...

too funny Michelle........I am learning to reply to commnets, keeping up is not easy ;o) Hugs

LifeMoreSimply said...

Random thoughts back:
1) Wow! I'm impressed that someone out there actually tries to REPLY to all blog comments. That's a ton of time, so I will never be offended if I don't receive a comment back from you. ;-)

2) I found your blog through someone elses because the Quiverfull movement completely fascinates me and I'm kind of addicted to all of the blogs out there...

Tamara Dawn said...

LOL that you should post this after I forgot to reply to you! I am working on a big project (like someone is paying me for it!) so I have been spread thin lately.

Of course your husband can be the FF. It will be Tues 9/15 so I will get you (or him) the questions the weekend beforehand.

He will need to pick 3 of his fav blog posts to share and I will need a photo. Can you resend me his link to his blog?

So sorry about not responding sooner!

Tamara =)

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle!! I have not been reading any of my favorite blogs in months....obviously 5 months since last time I read yours you just found out you were pregnant and now you are 5 months! I've missed you and reading your posts. I'll try to be better about reading AND posting on my own. LOL
Hope your pregnancy is treating you well....take care and talk again soon.