Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Katherine, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Today Kati is TEN! She has been so excited talking about how she is a decade old. We celebrated with just our immediate family last night, then tonight the grandparents will come over and Saturday we will go ice skating.

Above you will see some pictures from when she was three and four and below you will see some pictures from last night.

I want to share some thoughts of Kati's from when she was turning five and compare them to last night. Prepare to laugh.

5th birthday: 3 ft, 5 in
10th birthday: 4 ft, 2.5 in

5th: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to "the store".
10th: "Hollywood, Disneyland and Disneyworld"

5th: I don't like to "say bad words or talk to someone hateful".
10th: "write sentences"

5th: If I won a million dollars, I would "take it and put it in my purse. I would spend it on a new backpack."
10th: "I would go to Hollywood and I'd go to Disneyworld and Disneyland. And then I'd go all around the world and back home."

5th: favorite song--Jesus Loves Me
10th: Broken and Beautiful

5th: favorite food--Tuna Helper
10th: birthday cake with whipped cream frosting

Now there's a story behind the cake. You see, the other day we were celebrating a cousin's birthday and a picture came up of his brother helping him blow out the candles on his cake. My (beautiful) sister in law said, "Don't we all have one of those pictures on the kids fourth or fifth birthday?" And I thought to myself, nope. We never have birthday cakes, because I'm the world's worst mom.

So I started thinking I could just order a cake. Then on the rare occasion I actually felt like making one I could visit FishMama and see if she had any tips.

Then all my kids could blow out candles while we sing happy birthday. (However, the whole, let's make a wish thing is just stupid to me, so we'll skip that.) Poor little Millicent. You should have seen the excitement in her eyes to see a birthday cake with candles. It's true, she's NEVER had one. Told you I get the award.

But truly the best part of birthdays is the traditions. So here is a list for you:

1. The birthday girl (I'm going with girl here since this is in reference to Kati, and the girls FAR outnumber the boys in our home.) gets to pick any breakfast cereal for her morning meal. (Cinnamon Crunch)

2. Everyone says Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

3. The birthday girl gets to go out to eat, at the restaurant of her choice, with JUST mom and dad. (Still undecided.)

4. The birthday girl does not have to do school work.

5. Some sweet sibling does the birthday girl's chores. (So far no one has volunteered.)

6. The birthday girl gets to pick whatever they want for dinner. (Pancakes and fresh fruit.)

7. The parents pray a special blessing over the birthday girl, thanking God for all her wonderful qualities (especially letting her hear them) and praying for growth in other areas (not dwelling on those).

8. Open presents. Usually the birthday girl will try to guess what they are, but Kati doesn't care for that.

9. We will then take family pictures, each child with the birthday girl and then with mom and dad.

10. The birthday girl will get professional pictures. (Which Hannah is meeting us to do on Friday.)

11. I will do an interview, part of which you read.

12. We will often read previous interviews, for a good laugh.

13. Lastly, we look at her scrapbook together.

14. The weekend after (or of) the birthday girl's birthday she gets to pick something to do for her birthday. She can pick a party or going somewhere. Kati likes parties. But this year I talked her into ice skating. Easier on poor old pregnant mom.

NEW TRADITIONS started this year:

1. A cake. Possibly one of your own choosing if mom is feeling industrious.

2. Everyone tell a story about the birthday girl.

Here's mine about Kati:

The day after Millicent was born we got all the girls up and I was laying in bed with Millicent. Jeff came back and laid down. The girls hadn't been up more than 15 minutes. Kati came to the door of our bedroom. (Kati could NOT remember that the baby's name was Millicent.)

She said, "I just want you to know that I have not got to hold that baby yet today."

It cracked us up, because, yeah, you just woke up and you don't know that baby's name.

I adore traditions. What do you do for birthdays? Anything I've got here? Something different? PLEASE share.


Twisted Cinderella said...

What a fun post! Happy Birthday Kati!

The Royal Family said...

Happy birthday! Those traditions are Awesome and I might steal some!

Night Owl Mama said...


Night Owl Mama said...

oops looks like I can't spell traditions :)

I got distracted

Helen said...

Happy Birthday to Kati!

Those are really good traditions, much more than my family ever considered. There were a few years when I didn't get a cake, but most of the time, one was there. We didn't have traditions besides cake and presents... after I was about 7 or 8, we stopped celebrating all together, although my friends threw me a surprise party at 15.

thatgirlblogs said...

how fun! 10 is an amazing year, happy birthday!

Yara said...

first of all, I had to go find your blog in my history since blogger is being, well, yeah....
second & most important

third, are you serious? never had a birthday cake????
I baked and or decorated Lisa's first 3 cakes, maybe it was even the first 5... And well, Lorelei's 2nd (her first I had no house to bake one in so I had to buy them, but they were super cute & technically I still decorated one) and her 3rd, well, poor girl; I had that kidney infection & was in the hospital!
Birthday cakes are the best, no wishing required... but candles are fun!
You HAVE to give em cake! I mean, you HAVE to!

and okay so, you have to do cake & that's all I got.
Now I gotta go back to planning birthdays, cuz I have one in October & one in December & then another in January & I feel like I am cutting it too close to wait this long to plan.....

LeLe said...

Thanks for stoppin by. LOL, glad she got a cake this year!

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