Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday pictures

Single lit candle on iced cup cake, close-up

When a child is born in our home we get professional pictures (JC Penney, if you can call that professional) done every month until they turn a year. And then every half birthday until 4 or 5 (haven't decided yet). After that they get studio pictures once a year on their birthdays. I happen to love the look of studio pictures.

What I don't love is driving all the way to Oklahoma City by myself (and by myself I mean with four kids, two who never stop talking, one who never stops crying, and one who never stops whining) now that Ashlea is gone.

So this year (when the birthdays and half birthdays came around) Jeff convinced me that Hannah could do a way better job than JC Penney's could. BUT I love the look of studio pictures.

Hannah agreed to do some natural shots, of her own liking, and then some studio-ish photos for me.

Have I told you how much I love Hannah? I've had the opportunity to watch her grow up in the last few years. She's smart and pretty and funny and so like able. She was Ashlea's best friend, so she was around a lot. And even though Ashlea is gone she still makes time for us, which also helps me to feel closer to Ashlea.

Lest you think I only love her because of Ashlea, I don't. I love her because she's Hannah.

So here are just a few of her photos. (Could someone remind me to pay the girl?) Which are your favorites? Yes, the models are darling, aren't they?

Smile Millicent. "This is my new smile."

Because that was her new smile we didn't get many pictures of her that we liked...but I love the way Hannah did this one.

And wow. Yea!

Secrets don't make friends.

Katherine and her crazy hair that looks it didn't get brushed, which is highly likely.

He's excited to run around the park.

As long as we didn't make him wear the cap.

Could there be a cuter picture?


Your pants are unbuttoned Asa!


The Royal Family said...

the two hat close ups are my fav. :)

talk soon,

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Great photos. I can't choose a favourite!

Stephanie Faris said...

Great pictures! Yes, I like pictures like this much more than studio portraits. These are so much more natural.

Amy McBride said...

They are all so cute. I can't choose a favorite. Hannah does a great job. I really want her to take some shots of Dylan for me and It's about time for a family pic, it's been a while. Oh yeah, Pay that girl she needs it now that shes driving!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, those are all incredible!!! can i hire her?!

Yara said...

great great pictures! I love them. Hannah is awesome. I think the studio-ish pic of Millicent is darling! Frame it. And the girls sharing a secret is also precious- frame that too. Asa on the pole thing... so cute; frame it.
Why aren't there pictures of you & jeff.
Which reminds me, Lisa has been asking for a family portrait since, oh, Kev was born almost 9 months ago! I should dress us up and go to JC Penney. It's 3-7 minutes away from my house.
See, one more reason you should live here. Bring Hannah. Great colleges here too.

Emily said...

Great job, Hannah!
The last black and white of Millicent is my fav, hands down.

Lena said...

All pictures are adorable... I love the one of your little guy, trying to take the cap off...cute.

Kelly said...

She did a great job! I love all the photos!

Jennifer said...

Way to go Hannah! All of the pictures are great. I really like the one's of the girls sharing a secret.

Andrea said...

Those are great...and that last photo made me laugh waaay too hard! haha...adorably cute and funny!!!

Fran said...

How cute they are!! I wish I had a big family...

thatgirlblogs said...

you were/are so smart to have done this. all I have of my older two as babies are candids.

these are great -- even the nonsmiler!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

SUCH beautiful pictures!!! And I can't believe you do JCP pics once a month for a year! That's a full time job, wow!!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE those pics!!