Friday, June 12, 2009

So here is my story...

Here is a picture from the side of our house.

Here is a picture of my front yard.

Here is a picture of my other side yard.

And here is a picture of our tower that supplies our internet.

As you can see it's very high. Like, I don't know, 30 feet. I'm five feet and it's much, much taller than me.

I know what you are wondering. WHY? Well here's the story.

As you can see I live wayyyyyy out in the country. So in order to get internet out here someone had to install that really tall tower. It transmits satellite signals and we get internet. I'm technical that way. But it just so happens that every Spring we don't get signals.

SO we called the internet people and they sent someone out. He comes to the door, to let me know he was here. He was drunker than Cooter Brown (even though I have no idea who Cooter is or how drunk he was or even why his mom named him Cooter). I told him the problem and went back inside. I knew he would have to climb the roof, in his condition that could be bad. But hey, what do I know? A little while later, we felt the house shake and heard a thud. One of my daughters ran outside and there he was...laying on the ground, passed out, or dead. What do I know? I told her to get away from him.

I'm kidding. That is not what happened at all. I just wanted to liven up this blog post. And something like that would make a great story. No, what actually happened isn't nearly as exciting.

Every Spring our internet goes out after storm. I go to bed with internet, I wake up without it. Usually I can reset the router and it comes back on. But once EVERY Spring, since we have lived here, that doesn't work.

So we call our internet people and they really do send someone out. But it goes like this.

Internet people: Uh, ma'am. A tree has grown up and you can no longer receive the signal. Someone will have to cut that tree down before you can get your internet back.

Me: Which tree?

IP: I don't know...but some tree, somewhere.

Me, to myself only: Well isn't that a miracle that the storm made a tree grow up over night?

So anyway, they leave and I have evidently they cut down the tree while they were out there.

Of course, this year it happens again. ONLY this TIME, they tell my husband that it costs $75 if they come out and it's something we could have fixed ourselves. And guess what? It was.

Evidently all you have to do is reset the plug coming into the house from the tower. I didn't even know that tower had a plug. So every other time they've come that was probably the problem. And it was never the mystical tree after all. WHO KNEW.

So from now on, every Spring, I won't be without internet for two weeks. Blessed day. Cause, have you ever been without internet. Not pretty! But my yard is huh? Enjoy that. Kori took a few of those pictures.


The Royal Family said...

Beautiful! I am so glad you figured this out, I am in a small city and I would maybe die of bordem if the internet was out for that long.
You think i'm kidding i'm not. Oh, and I think the first story was funny.

Beulah said...

I thought the building in the distance might have been the house being swallowed by brush. lol

We're generally lucky, but our power goes out a few times every spring with the storms. Luckily I can use the laptop, but no internet until the power comes back up.

I'm lost without it too. I must know what is going on!

Life, Love And Lola said...

LOL about Cooter Brown... Thanks for stopping by my blog...Your comment cracked me up!!

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

LOL. I totally fell for the story about Cooter falling off the house! Great job reeling me in!

A day without internet, would be a cold dark day void of so many things! haha!

Yara said...

so your city doesnt give out free wifi? Or, the car dealership down the street? I never went a whole day without internet.... but we pay now cuz well, it was a good deal & I dont have to find just the right spot in the house.....
see, you need to come live by me. And our internet technies are never drunk on the job (I loved that part!)

Andrea said...

haha...well, the drunk man story definitely livened it up! ha! I'm glad that didn't actually happen though, and equally glad that now you know what to do to fix your internet! Ours goes down for a few hours and I'm in a I know the feeling! ;)

kel said...

ok, you're views are gorgeous!!! I love it!!! Oh, how I would love to live in the country again!! Internet issues and all!

ps. Changed my blog name from Girl n the Glasses to

Unknown said...

I liked the drunk guy story...I'm kind of glad it didn't happen though.

Glad you got your internet back and figured out how to fix it yourself going forward!

Liz said...

OK.. I was liking the drunk guy falling off the roof story.

Michelle said...

Yara, I dont have free wifi anywhere that I know of...but you did see the surrounding "neighborhood" right? I live almost 30 minutes from town. Not like I can pile everyone up and go...the library has internet, but that is NOT the same.

I'm glad everyone liked my story. LOL