Friday, May 15, 2009

Suvivor, Survivor, Survivor

You may have noticed that I hadn't been posting my, oh so entertaining, Survivor posts the last few weeks. Here's why.

Since I couldn't watch it on TV or satellite or and watching it on Youtube took FOREVER, I quit watching Survivor. Yes, I threw a little hissy and gave it up. I mean, no one should be tormented the way I was.

But pretty soon it started calling to me. I had missed two episodes and the finale was coming up and I really did want to know who won. And then my faithful blog readers started asking me who I thought would win the finale, or make that blog reader. But that isn't important. What is important is that I couldn't help myself. Like a dog licking, well, his master's hand. I HAD to see what I missed.

So back to Youtube. And just so you know my angst. It takes three hours-ish to watch one hour of Survivor. Now you know.

So of course I have a few comments:

1. Coach is crazy.

2. Did you hear Coach misquoting scripture?

3. Did you see the nasty bug crawling on JT's shoulder at Tribal Council? EWWWWW!!!!

4. Coach is loony.

5. The people who are working on Survivor are getting really snazzy this season. They put it together with the screen moving and three frames. Good stuff. (I know, very technical stuff, it's almost hard to understand what I'm talking about huh?)

6. What's wrong with Coach?

7. The scene where Coach is on Exile was better than any movie. I mean, it was awesome. The music, the cinematography, the land. It was perfect. Too bad it wasted on Coach. Don't read my blog Coach, I've got nothing for you.

8. Coach is Crazy, did I say that?

9. The scene where Taj is going to get a message from her family was probably the most emotional Survivor I have EVER seen. I was crying so hard! The family ones always make me cry, and given, I AM pregnant, but still. It was hard core. Then Jeff told her to decide if everyone got a visit or just her...and you could here her say, "OH NO!" and it ripped my heart out...and then Jeff was all, "Oh just kidding, you don't have to give up your visit. I just ripped your heart out for nothing. All you have to do is go to Exile." Exile? Well why not? PRIVATE time. And she's lookin' good, even if she is all stinky. Back to what I was saying. The whole visit was emotional because everyone was crying. Even the men, and sometimes they don't cry.

So Sunday is the 3 hour finale, so let me make my predictions.

First, let me say, I called JT from the beginning. So...just saying.

JT, Stephen and Taj are going to the final three. Although I really think they may vote Taj off just because they will think they will stand a better chance against Erinn. It will be pretty lame if they do it.

I think JT will take the prize. He's worked hard, hasn't lied to many people, seems honest and mostly is and has some friends on the jury.

What about you?


The Royal Family said...

OH MY~! I am so glad you posted Survivor... I needed someone to talk to about it! I am so glad I helped prompt this post! HEE HEE

I say it all the time, Coach is a freak... he is the strangest person ever, I would totally be TAJ rolling my eyes at him when he talks, he drives me BONKERS!!!

I want to see the nasty bug crawling on JT I missed it! :(

I have to explain that my family is all in on a game where we.... *whisphers* have money on the players... SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
My sister ended up with Coach so I have fun teasing her...

oh me... yeah my player when home with a sick stomach...dang weak sargent!

I love TAJ and JT... TAJ is my dad's player and Erinn is actually my husbands... so I am torn, I don't know if I want TAJ or ERIN to go to the final three... one has more money in it for me... *shrug*

HA HA HA coach is gone!?!?! YEAH!!! I mean boo for my sis, but he seriously was driving me nuts, I can't wait to watch and see his face, I made it to the immunity challenge where he nearly collapses.. *(may be a stunt) so I wasn't sure if it was him or Erinn... this was WAY more fun to find out this way...

Ok, sorry for the novel, you started my day off right! Keep up the good work. :)

oh I forgot, I was SOBBING when TAG got the family reward... your not alone.

The Buzz,

Yara said...

I read all the way up until where you actually started talking about Coach (I saw one episode & he is looney!)
Oh man, I so wish you were close to me, then you could come over & watch an hour episode in like 40 minutes or so on my dvr. Cuz I'd dvr it for you. I so cannot belive you took 3 hours to watch it. You are insane. But that's one other thing I love about you! <3

Unknown said...

That does sounds crazy...I can't relate though, I only watched the very first one!

Unknown said...

here's the link sorry it took so long sometimes you have to go thru a few links to get a good one! also there are all kinds of movies on there good and bad so use caution with unknown titles lol

Michelle said...

Yara, next season you might as well watch with me.