Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop--Today I will

The Prompts:

1.) Who really helped you get over something? Write about that person.
( Jesus Christ, my personal savior

2.) Is plastic surgery an option? Without being vulgar, write about the body part still attached to you that you would most like to dis-attach and replace with a better one.
( There are just too many and I would seem vain....and stupid......and plastic. So I'm going to pass on this one.

3.) Share an interesting email exchange you've had with someone lately. Too bad I don't have any I can share. There has been a really interesting one with some friends about a part of Asa's body that he's been learning about...and how funny....and painful it looks. But that may be a little too PG-13 for my blog. But you ladies of little boys know what I'm talking about...right?

4.) Have you thought about shutting down your blog? Why haven't you and what would cause you to make that decision final? NO, I have not. I love my blog. It is so much fun to write out blog posts every day, talk to friends and especially to get comments. NO way, but I haven't been at it long, so who knows what the future will feel like.

5.) Today I will...


Today I will....

Die to self

Read my Bible

Put on the armor of God

Pray about Ashlea

Grieve with a friend who just had a second miscarriage (after a round of IUI)

Hug my babies and hold them tight

Do laundry

Tickle Asa

Teach school

Drink three half cups of coffee


Think about and email my husband

Read some blogs

Reheat some leftovers from the Mexican meal we had with Ashlea


Have a nap

Watch a Baby Story

Take a bath

Straighten up the house

Get ready for date with Jeff

Smile about Hannah and how much my children love her

Go eat, or watch a movie, or to the bookstore, or just for a drive


What about you?


Julie said...

Hi Michelle -

If it makes you feel better, I'm not sure if I had ever visited your blog before I left the comment (was that yesterday? Good grief I'm not sure what day it is...LOL)

Either way, thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come back again soon!

Also - thanks for that tip about the at home driver's ed! Like you said, "Who knew?" That may just come in handy since I have a 14 year old who is itching to learn how to drive...and will be old enough in July...YIKES.

Unknown said...

Tickling a baby is the BEST thing to do : ) Don't you just love the sound of their laughter? So delightful~

Drea said...

Im glad im not the only one who enjoys "a baby story" :)

Anti-Supermom said...

The last one was hilarious!

And so happy that you say that you take naps (me too, but too often it seems like something I'm not suppose to be proud of, huh!)

Don't you just love Kathy?!

Ronnica said...

You've got quite the list there!

Helene said...

I really enjoyed reading that!! I love your list at the end!

Unknown said...

Hi! Visiting from Mama Kat's. I love the post, especially the Today I will part...sounds like a great day!

Michelle said...

Oh I LOVE Baby Story. Although I probably watch it a little differently than most people. I'm on the look out for how they are managing the labors wrong. LOL

Um, yea, I take naps....there are moms who dont?

Thanks everyone. I have a good life.