Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Homeschool Drivers Education

Did you know you can teach Drivers Ed at home?

We did it. Well, Jeff did. I stayed at home as much as possible. We took two vehicles everywhere we went so Ashlea could get her driving time in, and I was grateful.

Just thought it might come in handy to know that, like other things, we can teach our children to drive. WHO KNEW? And you don't have to be a homeschooler to do this either. And it's cheaper and less time consuming.

Here is a picture of Ashlea NOT getting her drivers license when she turned 16. (I couldn't find that picture.)


Yara said...

so teens don't need to do x hrs behind the wheel with an actual driving school there? they do here or you cant even apply for a license....

holly said...

OMG!! She looks just like you did in high school...I thought it WAS you for a second. WOW!

holly said...

Oh, and we used driver's ed in a box...good program too!

Michelle said...

They do Yara, they just do them behind the wheel WITH their parents. Yes, I think it's 80 hours or something???? Tells you how involved I was.

But you get your permit, buy the kit and log it. I KNOW it's good for OKlahoma, but I don't know about CA...check out the AAA site and find out...you may be surprised. I never knew about it...and when we went to the DMV to get her license, they had to call someone...so they dont even know about it.

Holly, thanks! I was never as pretty as ashlea is though.